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2017’s List of Most Expensive Cars in the World

Most Expensive Cars in the World

For the last two decades that Advance Car Wreckers have been in the car removal Melbourne industry, we have bought, dismantled, and wrecked cars – of all brands, conditions, shapes, and sizes. We have encountered so many clients that no matter how much money, time, and effort they have put into their once expensive cars, they will have to deal with selling or disposing them sooner or later.

On a lighter note, there are also those people who are born rich or lucky who wouldn’t have any problems buying and replacing their cars on a more frequent basis. Some believe that money can’t buy happiness – but to most of these car enthusiasts who have the means, they’d stop at nothing to buy those kinds of cars that’ll really make them feel happy. As one of the trusted and reputable companies in the cash for cars Melbourne industry, we bring you here some of the cars that you could only get if you have millions of dollars. And even if most of us won’t ever have that chance to own one of these lavishly expensive vehicles in our lifetimes, well, let’s indulge ourselves by taking a look at those that made it to 2017’s list of most expensive cars in the world:


(10) BUGATTI Chiron – this car brand is known worldwide for making luxurious and expensive cars for each one is handmade in an atelier. This one costs $2.6 million not only for its superb craftsmanship but also its speed capability of well, 60mph in just 2.5 seconds.


(9) PAGANI Huayra BC – named before the Incan god of winds and known as the second fastest road-legal beast of a car, costs roughly about $2.8 million. There are only 20 units of this aerodynamic-styled vehicle in the world.


(8) FERRARI Pininfarina Sergio – this is one of the most highly coveted vehicles in the world as only 6 units were made. If you are one of those who are fortunate enough to own one, there is absolutely no one who won’t notice you on the road – being in a stylish car with no roof, no side windows, and no windshield. This all-carbon fiber framed car costs just about $3 million.


(7) Aston Martin Valkyrie – apart from its elegant and sporty looks that’ll truly stand out from any crowd, this 3.2 million-dollar car also boasts of its V12 engine with a 1:1 power to weight ratio. It is also one of the rare ones that has a Rimac-built hybrid battery system.


(6) BUGATTI Veyron Limited Edition – this limited edition Bugatti car is specially augmented Mansory Vivere. Costing about $3.4 million, it claims to be the world’s most powerful, fastest, most luxurious, and exclusive production sports car. Not to forget, it can also run up to 254 mph.


(5) W MOTORS Lykan Hypersport – not only because this supercar is featured in the movie, Furious 7, this super high-end vehicle also boasts of its top speed at 240 mph. Well, this one costs roughly $3.4 million because of its armored exteriors, scissor doors, most high-tech interiors, and not to mention, jewel-encrusted headlights.


(4) MCLAREN P1 LM – this one is the legal version of the track-only P1 GTR. Bought and redone by the British company, Lazante Motorsports. Because it is a breathtaking supercar and a work of art, it will only cost you about $3.7 million to own one.


(3) ASTON MARTIN MA RB 00 – the famous brand’s hypercar boasts of a V12 engine and super lightweight carbon fiber exteriors. It is intricately designed and sculpted with unprecedented aerodynamics. This top 3 car on our list costs just about 3.9 million dollars.


(2) LAMBORGHINI Veneno – as its name implies, this car that marks Lamborghini’s 50th birthday, simply looks undeniably venomous. Seemingly a high-tech alien spacecraft, this supercar also boasts of a 6.5-liter V12 engine that is also downright fast with a hefty pricetag of $4.2 million.


(1) KOENIGSEGG CCXR Trevita – this car tops our list just because it costs a whopping $4.8 million! As its exterior finish is literally coated in diamonds. The Swedish manufacturer developed its own kind of luxurious coating for supercars – covering carbon fibers with diamond dust-impregnated resins. Exactly the reason why it is our winner as the most expensive street-legal production car in the whole world.


Extravagant and lavish as it seems, even if you do have all the means to buy one (and more), always remember that nothing is forever. There will still come a time when it will be no longer as roadworthy, attractive, powerful, fast, and expensive as before.

Do you have a car that is once one of the most expensive cars in town? Are you struggling to let it go? Let Advance Car Wreckers, Melbourne’s leading car wreckers, help you out. We will be able to give you enough reasons for you to give it a rest a proper goodbye now. Not to worry, as we will pay you the most reasonable amount for that vehicle you have oh so loved for a long time. We are one of Melbourne’s leading car buyers who are reputable for paying our clients top cash for cars.


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