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The 5 Actions that Can Ensure Your Safety After a Collision

Safety After a Collision

Getting into a car accident, especially not the fender-bender type of accident, can be such a dangerous and traumatic experience. And because it can happen in just a split second, most drivers who get into these unfortunate incidents often panic and act on mere impulse – not knowing the right things to do.

So even if statistics say that the vast majority of drivers in the whole world won’t really be in a very serious accident, each and everyone of us still has to know what actions to take if ever we experience such a heavy and serious collision on the road.

Being a reputable cash for cars Melbourne company that has been providing fast and easy junk car removal services for more than two decades, we have seen, taken, wrecked, and recycled all kinds and sizes of vehicles that have been victims of some of the most bizarre up to the most lethal road accidents. So as your accident vehicle removal experts, trust us when we say that it really pays to know the things that would really save your life (and others’) during these kinds of situations.

As we have said, in any kind of situation, there’s no need to fret or panic, because Advance Car Wreckers – a leading car removal Melbourne company, is here to help you out. Instead of bombarding you with a long list of to-dos that you’d probably won’t remember in case of an accident, we’re here to just provide you with just 5 of the most important things you have to do so that you can ensure your safety after an accident or collision:

1. Keep calm and stay put.

Immediately after the collision, you’ll most likely be angry, devastated, shocked, nervous, guilty, sad, or all of these combined. But always remember that once you give in to these emotions, it’ll get the best of you, and you won’t be able to take charge of the situation. So the more calm you are, the better. What you must do is, take a few deep breaths, count one to ten if you must, to steady yourself. Then, take time to look at your surroundings. Take a clear picture of what really happened.

Moreover, you must never entertain the idea of leaving the scene, whether or not you have caused the accident. Leaving the accident scene may be a cause for the suspension of your license. And likewise, leaving an accident scene with an injured person can result in more serious penalties.

2. Assess injuries.

The next most important thing you must do after a collision is to determine if you or any other person is injured. Oftentimes, people who get involved in an accident insist that they’re okay because the pain hasn’t really kicked in yet. So, remember this: Check yourself first. Second, check your passengers (if you have any). Then third, check the people from the other car/s involved as well as pedestrians who might have also been affected. Also, it’s best that you never move an injured person. Unless it’s a turn turtle situation when the people inside the car need to leave immediately, then leave the rescuing of injured people to the paramedics.

3. Get help from the authorities.

Even if it looks like just a simple kind of collision, it’s still best to call the authorities. Calling the police will mean that this accident is now included in official records. Now that record is your protection just in case the other party sues you or disputes your account of the accident. It’s also helpful in getting insurance claims. Also, once they’re there, make sure to leave no information behind. Try to recall everything that had happened before and after the collision.

4. Move your car to a safe place.

If your car’s still drivable and you are technically in a good state, it’s better if you can move the vehicle a safer area after you (or the police) have taken a good picture of the accident scene. This will not only clear out the path of oncoming traffic; but also, it’ll give you more space as you deal with the other parties involved in the accident or as the medics rescue the injured persons.

If you have a cones or emergency triangles in your trunk, it’s also best if you place them by the road or highway to warn other motorists.

5. Call loved ones.

After everything is set with the police, the ambulance, and the other party/ies, it’s best that you stay inside your car just in case you don’t have a way to go home yet. Call any of your reliable loved ones who could get to you first. And even if you’re not injured, it would be best if you could let someone drive for you or you ride in someone else’s car, as your mind and your emotions won’t probably be that stable yet.


By simply following these 5 actions, you can be able to rest your mind and your body immediately after the collision. While it’s truly devastating that this unfortunate incident happened to your car, remember that what matter’s most is that you are alive. You can worry about your vehicle later.

If your precious ride has been severely damaged due to collision, and you think what it needs is beyond repair, then let it go and entrust it to the experts at Advance Car Wreckers. We are a reputable car removal Melbourne company that’s trusted by many clients for years because we provide guaranteed instant cash for cars. So if you want to get fast and free car removal services while receiving top cash for your car on the spot, Advance Car Wreckers is the name to trust!


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