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5 Cool Car Facts (for Melbourne Vehicle Owners)

Are you a first-time driver? A long time car owner? A die-hard car enthusiast? Or a Melbournian who simply enjoys riding cars? Which one of these you may be, we’re pretty sure that the auto industry here in Melbourne has indeed affected or touched your life in one way or another. As it’s a known fact that Melbourne is the country’s automotive capital.

We don’t know if everyone has already heard about the bad news, but it’s truly devastating to hear that the nine-decade old Australian auto manufacturing industry is coming to an end come next year, 2018. Famous car makers like Toyota, Holden, and Ford have already made official statements regarding closing operations here in the country.

But instead of being all carried away and go sulking on this heartbreaking news, Advance Car Wreckers, your most trusted cash for cars Melbourne company, is here to rather commemorate our country’s auto industry. Having been in the car removal and auto recycling industry for two long decades, we’d like to share with you some cool facts you oughta know about cars, more specifically, on our own car industry.

Cool Car Fact no.1:

Did you know that it was a Melbournian who invented the very first ute? Well, it was in 1929 when James Freeland Lealock built the first ute – a functional utility vehicle having a car’s cabin and the rear of a small truck. However, it still took 5 years for the country to launch the first ‘official’ ute. Until now, it still is a popular vehicle for most Australian farmers, traders, and other businessmen.

Cool Car Fact no.2:

Do you know which of the famous car brands is considered as Australia’s oldest car maker? It’s actually Ford. They have started assembling and building cars here since the year 1925. And according to some research, they have assembled an estimate of 6 million automobiles since then. That’s 91 glorious years of car making!

Cool Car Fact no.3:

Are you a fan of Mercedes-Benz cars? Who wouldn’t, right? Even Adolf Hitler himself (as a matter of fact) wanted a Mercedes car for himself really badly. This brand is not only famous in the passenger and luxury sectors but even in the commercial and industrial markets in our country. However, most people only know that it’s a German brand. What most Aussie Benz lovers don’t know is that Mercedes cars (or the company) were named after an Austrian girl named, Mercedes Jellinek.

Cool Car Fact no.4:

Let’s admit it: all Melbournian car owners sometimes really get to the point where they’re simply sick and tired of the road congestion and bad traffic situation in the area. Well, this fact we’ll share could make your burden a little more bearable (hopefully). While it’s true that the average driver spends about two weeks of his entire life just waiting for the traffic lights to change. But did you know that traffic jams have been there as early as 45 BC? Yes, bad traffic conditions are nothing new. Actually, during that time, Rome banned all vehicles from within the city. In their minor states and cities, some vehicles including horses, were just allowed to travel at night. That’s how bad their traffic situation was, back in the day. So what we’re experiencing now is but normal. So what to do? Just keep calm and think to yourself, we might as well be thankful that we’re not yet banned from using our vehicles just to prevent traffic jams.

Cool Car Fact no.5:

Are you one of Melbourne’s car buyers who just find it so hard to decide from all the car brands, models, and variants to from? Well we couldn’t agree more. Which brings us to our last car fact. Not only Melbournians, but actually all Aussies are literally spoiled with car choices. Not because there are auto manufacturers here in the country, but because the flood of car imports here are so massive that we are next to China in terms of car buying choices. Australia has 64 car brands, while the US only has 38 and UK has 42.


Good times or bad, you have to be proud and take refuge in the fact that you are a resident in Australia’s automotive capital – Melbourne. Even if car makers here will stop operations, nothing in our rich and glorious car history will ever be changed.

And like you, we, Advance Car Wreckers, are indeed proud of being a part of the Australian auto industry for more than 20 years. We are glad to be of help for Melbournians who are in need of fast, reliable, easy, and free junk car removal services. So when you’re looking to hire a car removal Melbourne company who’ll give your top cash for your car? Only trust Advance Car Wreckers. We guarantee that our crew won’t even take the keys to your vehicle unless we have already given you your promised instant cash for cars. So call us and schedule your vehicle removal service now!

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