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5 Steps to Declutter Your Car

5 Steps to Declutter Your Car


Today, there are actually lots of movements, conventions, TV shows, and government programs that promote “living with less”. Not only because decluttering can help save natural resources and help protect the environment, but because it also has effects on our way of living, disposition, outlook on life, character, and so on. Needless to say, decluttering is indeed life changing!

But have you ever thought of “driving with less”? Yes, unfortunately, almost all of us are guilty of making our cars too much like our homes. We bring with us plenty of items that we barely need, plus, we’re just so busy to take out even the simplest garbage. Sad to say, most of us turn a blind eye to those crumpled parking tickets, empty beverage bottles, dirty clothes and shoes, old CDs, and even sports equipment that you really don’t have the time to use. Because the truth is, all these pile up and contribute to our car’s wear and tear and not to mention, decreasing resale value.

So if you really want to experience the benefits of a decluttered and simpler life, then why don’t you all start with you car? Because in all honesty, it’s a lot simpler than organizing your home! And don’t worry, you’re already in the right place. We here at Rapid Car Removal will help you learn about all the essential steps to finally decluttering your precious ride.

With our decades of experience in providing instant cash for cars Melbourne and junk car removal services, we’re here to share with you 5 easy steps to drive absolutely clutter-free:

1.  Break It Up

For most difficult tasks, the hardest part is actually the first part – how you’ll start everything, right? That also goes with decluttering a car. To make your starting point easy, we suggest that you attack your car in sections. You may choose to go in an organized manner from front to back, or smaller to bigger spaces, or even filthiest to the relatively clean places; it’s all up to you. The important thing is, you handle every nook and every space of your car with the exact same attention and treatment. By cleaning and decluttering your car in sections, levels, or stages, it would be a lot easier for you to go on further with the next steps.

Now let’s say you start with the smallest spaces like the underseats, note that you must repeat Steps 2 – 4 once you are done with each stage.

2.  Categorize

Decluttering is actually 70% organizing and only 30% cleaning. Why? Because the hardest part of your task is to actually categorize all those clutter into groups. The most basic of them all is determining whether you not you really need the item or not. Now the groups or categories would also come from you. It will depend on your lifestyle, driving or traveling habits, if you have a family or not, and other things like that. Be careful not to categorize them too much, that you’ll end up throwing out only a few items. The trick is to be as bold as possible! Because remember, the less items you have, the easier it will be for you to find those that you actually need, for driving and traveling, that is.

Once you’ve carefully categorized each and every item you see in that particular space, it’ll be much easier for you to do the next step:

3.  Trash Out

After categorizing the items according to their purpose, you’re now finally ready to take out the garbage! With an extra large garbage bag, throw away all those things that were worthy to be categorized as trash – meaning it consists of the actual rubbish and all the other items that are outdated, broken, damaged, and unused for many years.

4.  Clean and Sanitize

Let’s be clear on one thing: taking out the trash and cleaning are not the same. Actually, removing the rubbish is just a part of the cleaning itself. Thus, that’ll be your next step (for each stage or area). Now that all the items, good and bad, are out, it’s now time to keep the space squeaky clean! If the space is too small to vacuum, make use of microfiber cloths, antibacterial wipes, and other cleaning tools and agents to remove all the germs and remnants of the clutter that stayed there for god knows how long. Just make sure you use the appropriate product for the space so that the material (whether plastic, rubber, canvas, leather, etc) will keep its quality and durability.

5.  Make It a Habit

After you’ve done Steps 2 to 4 for all the areas and stages, prepare yourself for this last step. According to Kristina Duke, a decluttering expert in Australia, “the only way to keep your car free from clutter is to regularly declutter”. So we cannot stress more the importance of the habit of cleaning and organizing your car. Educate everyone that goes in and out of your car, not only those who drive it. Encourage both the kids and adults to take with them all of their items once they leave the car, including the trash (even if you have a garbage can inside).

In addition, it will also be best if you invest in organizing tools and accessories not to help you stock up more things in your car, but to actually show everyone that you’re absolutely serious on keeping your car clean and organized for the longest time possible. Sticking to rules like these will help you maintain a clutter-free driving life.

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