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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Car Airbags

Car Airbags

In the year 1974, airbags were first offered by General Motors as an add-on feature to their cars such as the Cadillacs and Buicks. It was only in the 1980s when car airbags were installed in production vehicles as standard equipment instead of an optional feature. They inflate to cushion and lessen the impact of a driver or passenger with various parts of the car interior during a crash or collision. More specifically, it was primarily designed to avoid a direct and hard impact of the driver’s head with the steering wheel and door pillar.

However, in the last 20+ years Advance Car Wreckers has been in the instant cash for cars and vehicle removal industry, we have noticed some debates on whether or not airbags really help in our safety. Do they really protect us or do they just add to the risks we’re facing every time we’re driving?

Because we have dealt with all kinds of cars with all kinds of safety issues, we ought to provide you with some more information about this car safety feature. Afterwhich, maybe we could all decide on our own if they are really safe or not.

Airbags are designed to work along with seatbelts.

The force of an airbag deployment is so strong that it could actually hurt anyone who is sitting too close to it. It could even crack the windshield when deployed. Since then, it was always advised to wear seatbelts (with or without an airbag). The seatbelts now will help lock down the passenger/driver to the seat. So that in case of an accident and the airbag deploys, the distance from the passenger and the airbag is much safer. In addition, never use seat belt stopper clips and other accessories on it. They would most probably hinder the seatbelt from rapidly securing the passenger during an airbag inflation.

Proper seating position is essential.

As we have mentioned, the force of a deploying airbag is super strong and dangerous. That is why, it is also recommended that drivers and passengers won’t sit too close to the steering wheel and dashboard. For the driver, adjust your seat height and backrest in such a way that your shoulders are firmly against the backrest while your wrist be able to touch the top part of the steering wheel. Also, make sure that both your hands are holding the steering wheel with great control; that will at least avoid the airbag from deploying.

Airbags are never for little children.

Children ages 12 and under are always advised to be at the back seat – whenever, wherever. It has been proven that an exploding airbag could seriously injure a child or can even kill an infant. If your tot really needs to sit in front, make sure to deactivate the airbag at the passenger side. If your car doesn’t allow that, then you have no other choice but to let him/her sit at the back.

Pimping your dashboard.

Not only do ornaments placed on your dashboard are distracting, they are also dangerous. So refrain from putting religious ornaments, mobile phone accessories, and other decorative items on top of your dash. They will be serious and deadly projectiles once the airbag goes off. Imagine those flying directly to your face during an accident. Not a pretty sight, right? Keep all those loose items inside the glovebox as much as possible.

Make sure side airbags will work.

We are not really sure as to why car-makers still opt to place coat hooks or hangers if they will hinder the side airbags to work. But as a piece of advice, make sure that you don’t have anything hanging on the windows, side door pillars, and the like. They will eventually destruct the deployment of the airbag. If you do have to bring a pressed jacket, coat, or dress, just lay it flat on the backseat instead of hanging it. Besides, it’ll be less distracting to your driving, too.


It is very important that everyone who uses cars drives with confidence and security. So, if you think your car is lacking on airbags and other safety features, that you reckon it’s no longer safe for you and your family to use, consider letting it go now and selling it to Advance Car Wreckers. We are reputable used car buyers who provide fast and free junk car removal services. In our many years in the business, many clients would attest that we will pay you top cash for your car.

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