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We don’t know about you but, we simply do not think anyone could possibly be clueless of the fact that cars continuously pollute and harm the planet we live in. That is why, almost all governments around the globe push efforts in lessening this. One way is to ensure that most (if not all) vehicles on the road are not adding more pollutants into the air. Thus, the smog or emissions test.

Well if you are an owner of an older car, this mandatory test can be daunting and stressful. But with the right attitude, proper knowledge, and responsible preparation, passing the emissions test can simply be a breeze.

With our expertise in dealing with all kinds of vehicles that have emission and engine troubles, we are here to tell you that sending your beloved ride to a smog test need not be as worrisome or frightening. Being in the cash for cars business for more than two decades, we have come up with a short list of easy-to-do and easy-to-remember tips to help you and your vehicle pass the car emissions test. Just remember the word, SMOKE:

S – study the vehicle emissions standards in your city or state.

Especially if it’s your first time to take the emissions test, it is very easy to come prepared before having your vehicle tested. The smog test is different for various types of vehicles. Learn about the red flags and common issues so you could easily address them beforehand. Among these are faulty fuel metering, vacuum leaks, worn-out spark plugs, and air injection malfunction. If you know your car has even at least one of these, have them fixed by your mechanic before even scheduling for a test.

M – make a wise appointment for the test.

Picking a good day with nice weather is also helpful in passing the emission test. Avoid cold and rainy weather. The cold and damp climate will affect your engine oil, catalytic converter, your coolant, and your tyres. If you will risk by taking your car for testing during those wet and cold days, you might just strain your vehicle before and during the actual test. Set it at a time that is not too early as well as not too late so you will have ample time to prepare and you won’t get agitated.

O – observe your car and drive around.

Drive your car for about 30 minutes or so before you take it for testing. To ensure adequate combustion, it needs to have the oil, coolant, and catalytic converter reach their optimum operating temperature. If possible, drive your car at a highway speed so that the catalytic converter will be able to burn out the oil and gas residues just before the test. If the vehicle you’re about to take for an emissions test is rarely used, it is advised that you drive it at high speed for at least 20 minutes two weeks before the test.

K – keep on using good-quality petrol and fuel additives.

Make sure to top up your car with top-quality petrol , stat. Clean and quality fuel will of course help a lot in making your car’s exhaust a lot clearer. Also, if you have the budget, you may invest in quality fuel additives. They help clean up the carbon deposits that build up in the intake and exhaust system. They lower emission levels, improve the combustion system, increase the overall performance of your car. Therefore, good petrol plus additives will increase your chances of acing the test.

E – ensure your oil, tyres, and battery are in good condition.

Making sure that your battery, tyres, and engine are in perfect condition is also a way to pass the test. They greatly impact the performance of your fuel injector. If you know your vehicle is supposed to have an oil change and you still haven’t done it, never schedule for an emissions test soon if you do not plan to have it done. Dirty oil and oil filters could easily ruin your chances of passing.


Regardless of how old your vehicle is, passing the car emissions test is a breeze if you maintain and take care of it regularly. Plus, if you would take the time to follow all these tips and prepare, you wouldn’t have to worry about all the inconveniences that follow failing. Apart from just passing the smog test, you’ll also be assured that your car’s engine is also running properly.

Do you have a vehicle that has failed the smog test many times already? Maybe it has more serious engine problems than you think; maybe it needs a major repair or total engine overhaul; or maybe, it’s about time that you consider it letting go. Advance Car Wreckers is here for you. As a trusted company in Melbourne, we do not only provide free junk car removal services but more importantly, the best value for your once loved automobile.


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