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When snow starts to fall and ice starts to form in roads and lakes, we, car owners and drivers, know that driving conditions will also begin to be challenging. As it’s expectedly going to be cold, windy, and slushy out there, it’s just but crucial that we prepare in advance. Winter driving conditions are indeed dangerous so we ultimately put our safety in first priority at all times.

Apart from doing all our very best to drive cautiously and defensively, we also need to be prepared just in case an unexpected mishap occurs to us in the middle of the road. Now when our cars suddenly decide to be uncooperative and stubborn even in this crucial time, some car tools and gadgets can just be our very lifesavers.

Speaking of, our crew of expert vehicle removalists and car recyclers here at Rapid Car Removal are here to provide you with a list of the essential handy tools you’d need to keep you safe while driving during winter. As your trusted cash for cars and car removal Melbourne company for more than 20 years, you and your car’s safety is also our concern. That is why, we have rounded up 9 of the best must-have gadgets that would really help you deal with any kind of car trouble on a cold snowy day. Here are they:

Road Flares

When your car unfortunately breaks down in the middle of an icy road, you wouldn’t want any motorist to run into you. In the same way, if your phone is dead, you would need some way to call other people for help. Having said those, road flares are your best friends. It’s the most perfect way to call for others’ attention and help. Plus, it’s best for any kind of weather, not only the winter.

Mini Shovel

While you don’t want to picture yourself digging up something in the middle of nowhere, you wouldn’t also want to see yourself using a spoon, cardboard, or simply anything if you are in a unfortunately bogged down in snow or even mud, right? So make sure you have a handy shovel with you at all times. There are lots of small, durable, and even foldable shovels you can buy in the market today. These are but essential if you live an area where there’s normally uneven terrains and crazy weather.

Snow Chains and Winter Tyres

We ought to just combine these two because snow chains are complementary to your snow tyres. They can be quite costly, but they sure are effective to keep you and your vehicle safe while traveling during winter. Just remember that when you use your snow chains, you have no other choice but to drive very slowly. Plus, you must only use them if you’re driving in extremely slippery and icy road conditions. Because if not, it won’t be of any help to you and you’ll find it even more difficult to drive.

Ice Scraper

Your visibility is one of the most important things you have to ensure during winter driving. So when your windshield wiper blades don’t seem to cut it, then a trusty ice scraper is all you need. You can score a basic ice scraper at a very cheap price, and it’ll work just as fine as the other expensive ones in the market.

Sand & Salt Litter or Traction Mats

Drivers get minimal traction on the road during winter. With that, sand or salt litter could be of big help especially when you’re caught in snow. Road salts help melt the ice or snow, and eventually helps your wheels get the traction they need so they won’t slide out. If you don’t really prefer road salts or sand (even if we couldn’t think of a reason why you don’t – as they’re good for our environment), you may opt to buy traction mats. These are plastic troughs that you can lay down in front of your tyres to give you traction in times when you’re stuck.

Portable Battery Charger & Jumper Cables

In the middle of a cold winter night or day, you wouldn’t want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery and no jumper cables. Well, because you simply can’t expect nor force anyone to help you during an unfortunate scenario while it’s snowing hard, it’s really best that you also have your own battery charger. That way, you’ll easily have a way around just in case there’s a shortage of Good Samaritans around.

Thermal Blankets

Just in case you’re unfortunately stuck in the middle of the winter road and you can’t use your car’s heater because your battery’s dead (or for any other reason), then a thermal blanket is your hero. Winter conditions are dangerous for many reasons, but the biggest of them is the cold. While we understand how want to get your car going as soon as possible, we also want to stress that your health and safety is far more important. And while you find ways to get out of that situation, remember that you have to keep yourself warm. So invest even in just one thermal blanket and always keep it in your truck.

Tyre Air Pressure Gauge and Portable Compressor

Checking your tyre’s air pressure is but a must when traveling during the winter. Not only do properly inflated tyres provide better traction, but they are also less likely to be punctured – which is most common when you can’t really see what’s with or underneath that pile of snow. So to save you from a flat tyre situation, these gadgets would really come in handy.

Distress Flag

If you suddenly get into some car trouble while it’s cold, windy, or worse, there’s a snowstorm outside, you can’t just simply get out of your car and wave your arms to call out for help. Waving a distress flag is the perfect way to catch other drivers’ attention while keeping yourself warm inside your car.

So there you have it. When you’re sure you have all these 9 items inside your trunk before you head off traveling on winter day, then you’re good to go. Besides, it doesn’t mean that just because it’s winter you should just spend all your days inside your home, right? You have all the right to enjoy the warmth of other people’s company and do other things. The point is, you should first and foremost ensure your safety before leaving your abode.


When your ride has been badly damaged because of a winter road accident; or when your vehicle simply suffered from poor summer and winter maintenance, it might just be the perfect time to decide to let it go now. Well, whatever your case may be, there’s no need to fret because we’ve got your back. We are a trusted cash for cars Melbourne company that’s reputable for providing the most reasonable and on-the-spot cash for your cars regardless of their age, model, brand, and condition. So if you’re looking to get fast, easy, and free junk car removal services, Rapid Car Removal is the name to trust! Call us now!

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