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9 Types of Drivers on the Road

Types of Drivers

Traveling is simply an essential human activity. And whether you’re in your own car, in a public transport, or just merely walking, it’s kind of both stressful and amusing in so many ways because of all the motorists and pedestrians that you can’t help but see and deal with.

And as your trusted car removal and cash for cars Melbourne company, we truly understand how driving everyday could sort of be a rollercoaster ride. Because with different kinds of vehicles, there comes different kinds of drivers as well. As various ages of people have different traits and personalities, they also have their own driving habits and behaviors. So if you’re on the road on a daily basis, being familiar (and cautious) about the various kinds of drivers you might cross paths with is definitely a must.

With that, Advance Car Wreckers’ expert team of car removalists, auto recyclers, and car wreckers Melbourne have put together a list of the 9 types of drivers on the road – some you might have already encountered and some you are still about to meet. Check this list out not just to entertain yourselves but more importantly, to be more careful while traveling:

The newbie.

This is a driver who: just learned how to drive or just had his/her very first car. This type of driver is simply annoying for he or she is either too cautious and slow or too fast and reckless to be mistaken for a drunk driver. Expert tip: if you do see one, avoid at all costs. You don’t want to be anywhere near a driver who’s simply naive and confused.

The “angry-at-the-world” driver.

This driver is easy to spot as common signs would be speeding and endless honking. These drivers are such misers that they simply hate everything and everyone they see on the road. So like the first one, you might just want to be wary about these angry drivers for they are never the ones you would want to experience a collision or altercation with.

The frustrated music artist.

These drivers who are just so into their music can be entertaining and annoying, depending on the level. There are those who simply drive while singing (and most of the time dancing, banging their heads, or waving their hands); while there are also others who still choose to crank up their music (and the bass) with their windows down, even if we know this type of behavior is so ‘90s. Oh well, we can’t do anything about it, right? Besides, as long as they keep driving responsibly, who are we to stop them from singing their hearts out?

The road patrol enemy.

This type of driver simply loves to go against traffic rules. Speeding or not, we really don’t understand why they just have their own set of road regulations – beating stop lights, ignoring signs, not giving way, swerving, cutting you off, and list goes on. As no one knows what kind of driving rule book they really follow, these drivers must simply be avoided at all times because they’re dangerous and accident prone.

The multi-taskers.

These are more popularly known as the distracted drivers. Sadly, at this day and age, these drivers are the most common on every road and highway. They text, they eat, they do their makeup, they tend to their kids, and they talk on the phone while driving. Distracted driving is now the leading cause of road collisions. Hence, if you do spot one while you’re on the road, slow down or try your best not to get near that car while you have the chance.

The scaredy cat.

This one can be a newbie driver or not. The nervous driver who just lacks confidence in his/her driving skills is as dangerous as the reckless one. Why? As you know, in driving, you make all kinds of on-the-spot decisions. Thus, if you are scared, shy, or nervous while on the road, you also lack better judgement. These drivers are very hard to spot on the road as they more often surprise you while they commit driving mistakes. Being indecisive and slow-to-respond can actually a cause for collision.

The grandma driver.

Who of you thinks grandparents or senior citizens need not drive anymore? Well, let’s face it. Apart from the fact that it’s dangerous for them, they simply cause traffic and more often just make us feel guilty for hating them to be driving at a speed of not more than 10 mph. And by the way, there are also some ‘grandma drivers’ who aren’t technically grandparents yet but are annoyingly too slow, especially on the highway.

The animal-lovers.

On a good note, more often than not, crossing paths with this type of driver is not as stressful as the others. You just can’t deny the fact that seeing a little pup climbing up against the window and enjoying the wind is a simple thing that can easily turn a bad day at traffic a more pleasant one. But as joyous as seeing a pet on the road is, it can also be risky because the driver may or may not be distracted while tending to his/her pet while driving.

The goody two-shoes.

Unfortunately, this kind is a rare one, because it shouldn’t be. This driver is the model driver because they are courteous, patient, responsible, and pleasant to be around. They are drivers who are sensible and rational while they diligently follow every traffic rule and road regulation there is. We simply have no other words about them but, where are they??

So there you have it. These are the types of drivers you could encounter wherever you are driving in the world. And even if you’re guilty of being one of these (hopefully you’re a number 9), it’s still best to be better prepared on how to deal with each kind. Of course, that will never assure you of a zero-accident ride, but this will definitely decrease your chances of getting into one. Because we cannot really change the way how others behave and drive their cars, all that’s left for us to do is adjust accordingly.

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