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Bad Habits That Will Decrease Your Car’s Value

Bad Habits That Will Decrease Your Car’s Value

Most car owners, if not all, know that there will come a time when they’ll eventually have to let go and sell off their beloved rides. Whether it’s a collector’s item, an old family car, a vintage or muscle car, or a regular sedan, our goal will always be to sell it for the highest price possible.

Experts say that you immediately lose about 11% of your car’s value once its odometer turns to 1. Little do we know that apart from this and the normal wear and tear, we normally do things that also contribute to the faster decrease of our car’s market value. As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and car wreckers, we are here to help you be more aware of those bad habits.

Our team of experts who has been buying used cars in Melbourne for two long decades, has come up with a short list of those driving and car maintenance habits that we need to avoid so we can sell our cars at the best price possible:

Using and leaving it dirty.

If you are one of those car owners who aren’t alarmed once their cars get filthy, well then, don’t expect to have it sold at a higher price in the future. Not only does cleaning make our cars look good and attractive, it’s also an essential to preserving its value. We also have to stress that it’s not only the car’s body that needs to be spotless, also its engine and interiors.

Driving aggressively.

Driving like there’s no tomorrow or as if you are shooting a scene for the next The Fast and The Furious franchise movie sure is fun and exhilarating. But you also need to know that doing so will never help you keep your car in good shape. Also, there are more consequences of driving carelessly apart from faster depreciation – it impacts your safety, your car’s fuel efficiency, and more.

Letting your car enthusiast friend be your personal mechanic.

We all have that one friend who seems to know all about cars, right? But even if that’s the case, we should remember that it is always best to let a licensed mechanic handle all your car’s repairs. While you or your friend can do the basic fluid top-ups or windshield wiper blade replacement, leave the engine repairs and other more complicated fixes to a professional.

Throwing maintenance records.

Receipts, invoices, and other documents could really be clutter; that is why sometimes, most people have that unconscious habit of crumpling and throwing away those pieces of paper for nothing. But try your best not to do that especially when it comes to receipts and other records that will show all the maintenance and upgrade activities you have done on your car. All these will prove how you religiously took it for service maintenance, how you regularly top up the essential fluids, how you change your tyres at the right time, and more. All these evidence will definitely help sell your car at a higher price.

Making unnecessary modifications and upgrades.

Changing your car’s body color; adding a cool body kit; upgrading to a bigger exhaust system – while all these can contribute to your car’s attractiveness, always remember that all people have different tastes and styles. What looks good in your eyes might not be as pleasing to your future car buyer. That is why, it is also recommended to go for the standard modifications instead of the more unique and personalised add-ons.

Not replacing your tyres.

The car’s tyres are essential for the economy, efficiency, and safety of your vehicle. If you won’t be able to present your vehicle with good condition tyres, then it will show how much of a negligent or irresponsible owner you were. Besides no one will want to buy a used car with overused tyres because they’re too expensive to purchase.


Because we have been a trusted cash for cars Melbourne company for more than 20 years, we have handled all kinds of vehicles that have been sadly neglected and poorly maintained. That is why, as expert car removalists, wreckers, and recyclers, we really and truly want you change your old ways before it’s too late. But if you are guilty of one or more of these habits, there’s no need to be sad or anxious. The important thing here is, you have now realised how it impacts the depreciation of your ride. Don’t hold yourself up too much and slowly practice getting rid of these habits.


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