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Car Wreckers Epping

Epping is a suburb located 26 km north of Melbourne’s Central Business District. Its area is characterised by mainly flat terrains although in its northern part, there lie several hills that provide breathtaking views of Melbourne. With its location and the countless open spaces that are dotted within this suburb, the majority of the folks in Epping are growing families, older couples, retirees, and professionals. These residents also have different real estate tastes as you may see old homes from the 70s and even newly-built modern houses. One of Melbourne’s most popular shopping destinations is here, the Pacific Epping. Even if there are other retail centres and specialty shops around, this is basically where all the people go as they would definitely find everything they want and need in this large mall. There are also a number of parks and reserves located in the suburb. So if you want a weekend of retail therapy, a time to beat your personal record in games and sports, or simply unwind, you can do all these in Epping.

Considering its large population of approximately 30,000, some think that Epping’s amenities is now very limited for everyone (in the exception of the shopping mall, that is). It is somehow currently let down by the lack of tree cover and natural surroundings, congested roads, and relatively high crime rates.

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2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor

If you’re simply tired of driving and maintaining an old or vintage car, and you’ve got no time to wait for buyer, then don’t worry because a team of Epping car wreckers has got your back: Advance Car Wreckers.

Even if you’re the car enthusiast type, sometimes, you can only drive, maintain, and restore vintage cars for so long. And just like the real estate developments in Epping, you too deserve to experience flaunting a brand new and modern ride. So let us, Advance Car Wreckers Epping, help you with that. By choosing us, not only will you be getting of your aged vehicle in a jiffy (and for free, by the way), but more importantly, you will also be getting a good amount of instant cash for selling us your car. So technically, it’s just like selling it to a private buyer - only it’s a lot faster and easier! So trust only our experts; as we have been in the car wreckers Epping industry for more than two decades and counting.