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Car Tips

2017’s List of Most Expensive Cars in the World

For the last two decades that Advance Car Wreckers have been in the car removal Melbourne industry, we have bought, dismantled, and wrecked cars – of all brands, conditions, shapes, and sizes. We have encountered so many clients that no matter how much money, time, and effort they have put into their once expensive cars,…

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How Do I Save Money on Car Maintenance?

Buying a car not only entails a big dent on your wallet; but also, it’s a bigger responsibility. Even if you will buy the car in full cash, you’d still have to worry about the expenses you’ll incur while you continue to use and keep it in the future. That is why, it is always…

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How to Safely Jumpstart your Car

A car breaking down in the middle of road or a car that’s not starting is probably one of the most dreaded situations for a driver. It is a sign that leads to common car problems. Most  experienced drivers have experienced this even at least once in their ‘driving lives’. But if you are one…

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Our cars run from internal combustion. Because of that, generally, there is car exhaust smoke that comes from the engine – a collection of gases that are by-products of fuel combustion. They exit the vehicle through the tail pipes. But our cars today must not produce any kind of visible smoke from our tailpipes anymore.…

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DIY Car Fixes You Can Do With Your Kids

“Start ‘em early.” That’s what some people usually say when giving you advice on something that you want to instill in your child up until he or she gets old. Whether it’s doing household chores, saving money, or even as simple as being polite to other people; it is never too early for them learn…

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Understanding Vehicle Auction Terminology and Lingo

Vehicle Auction

Even with the many different kinds of low downpayment promos and too-good-to-be-true deals on brand new cars, many still reckon that buying fresh vehicles off the lot could still cost you an arm and a leg. And apart from the fact it’s going to be one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever do in your…

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How to Sell Your Flooded Car for Cash

Sell Your Flooded Car for Cash

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a car owner is when your precious ride unfortunately becomes a victim of Mother Nature’s wrath. Just like accidents and collisions, there is basically no way you can foresee it to prevent it from happening. And worst part is, all that’s left for you to…

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How to Remove A Broken Bolt Without Losing Your Mind

Remove A Broken Bolt

If you are an owner who simply enjoys fiddling with his old car even if there’s nothing really wrong with it, then you might have experienced this at least once: trying to remove a bolt only to see its head snapping off at once. Well that’s a real bummer! Instead of you fixing or upgrading…

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Preparing to Recycle Your Car

Recycle Your Car

Cars are considered to be the most recycled consumer product in the whole world. And in the two long decades that we have been in the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry, we are glad to see more and more people are actually trying their best to participate in this mission to protect…

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What is a Resonator and Do I Need One?

What is a Resonator

Let’s face it. Not all car owners know each and every part or component of the vehicle they use, drive, and enjoy. Well, it’s not really a bad thing. Besides, there are really just people who simply can’t take too much mechanical terms and automotive jargon. But do you know that apart from the parts…

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