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Should I Buy a Used Car With a Branded/Salvage Title?

Car With a Branded/Salvage Title

Some say that buying a car is probably the second biggest purchase (next to buying your own house) you’ll ever make in your life. Because of that, more and more budget-conscious car shoppers are now constantly on the lookout for good quality used cars. Howbeit, with today’s tough economy and continuously growing used car market,…

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TIMING BELT VS. TIMING CHAIN: What’s The Difference?


For the last two decades that Advance Car Wreckers has been in the junk car removal Melbourne industry, we have seen a lot of cars that have suffered from total engine failure because of timing belts and chains that have broken and were totally neglected by their owners. And even as expert wrecked car buyers,…

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The Most Common Types of Vehicular Accidents

Vehicular Accidents

If there’s anything that car owners and drivers dread the most, it’s getting into an accident. No matter how minor or major it may be, there’s no way that it wouldn’t worry you or stress you out. And sad truth is, there are times that even if we practice defensive driving, even if we take…

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What is Electronic Stability Control?

Electronic Stability Control

Driving safety has always been an important consideration when it comes to designing, upgrading, and manufacturing automobiles. No matter the carmaker, the safety of the driver and passengers are always top priority. And so, through the years, they continue to come up with different kinds of technologies to improve driving security and lessen the risks…

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9 Types of Drivers on the Road

Types of Drivers

Traveling is simply an essential human activity. And whether you’re in your own car, in a public transport, or just merely walking, it’s kind of both stressful and amusing in so many ways because of all the motorists and pedestrians that you can’t help but see and deal with. And as your trusted car removal…

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5 Cool Car Facts (for Melbourne Vehicle Owners)

Are you a first-time driver? A long time car owner? A die-hard car enthusiast? Or a Melbournian who simply enjoys riding cars? Which one of these you may be, we’re pretty sure that the auto industry here in Melbourne has indeed affected or touched your life in one way or another. As it’s a known…

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Car Airbags

Car Airbags

In the year 1974, airbags were first offered by General Motors as an add-on feature to their cars such as the Cadillacs and Buicks. It was only in the 1980s when car airbags were installed in production vehicles as standard equipment instead of an optional feature. They inflate to cushion and lessen the impact of…

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