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DIY Car Fixes You Can Do With Your Kids

DIY Car Fixes

“Start ‘em early.” That’s what some people usually say when giving you advice on something that you want to instill in your child up until he or she gets old. Whether it’s doing household chores, saving money, or even as simple as being polite to other people; it is never too early for them learn these things. So if you are car lover and you’d want your kids to have the same passion as you, start doing DIY car fixes with them while they’re young and active. Not only will it be some kind of help to you (let’s disregard the messes they could possibly make), but also, little do they realise that they’re making memories with their mum or dad while learning essential care skills.

As leading car wreckers Melbourne who have been providing top cash for cars services for more than two decades, we gladly give you here a list of all the DIY car activities and projects you can do with your precious ones. Our team of expert car removalists, towers, mechanics, and recyclers all have collaborated to help you make the most of your valuable time with your children. Besides, the time that they’re young, simple-minded, and active, will quickly pass you by before you know it. So grab opportunities like weekends and school holidays to bond with them and do activities like fixing your car.

For toddlers and young kids

You may still teach and do car maintenance tasks with the whole family even if you have children with the age of maybe 6 and below. That won’t be a problem. You can start by teaching them how to properly wash your car. Teach them importance of keeping the insides and the outsides of the car. Demonstrate how to correctly hose water, lather car soap, wipe dry, vacuum, and so on. Just briefly explain to them (in a manner they’ll understand) how important it is that they love and take care of their future cars someday.

For school kids

If you have children that are currently in elementary or middle school, they could actually be of more help to you than you think. Start by educating them with all the essential tools you need for fixing a car. Tell them the name and purpose of each one. Just be sure not to overwhelm them with a large number of tools coz they might just end up forgetting them instead of actually learning. Now even if they couldn’t really fix anything yet, you can now make them your toolbox assistants while you do your task under the hood or under your car.

Moreover, you can also let teach them some of the easy repair tasks already; especially if you really see some interest in them. These are the at-home car maintenance tasks you can let them try:

  • Changing wiper blades
  • Changing tyres (well they can’t truly do these by themselves, but you can teach them how so they could slowly memorise what to do even at that early age)
  • Replacing air filters
  • Putting water in your windshield washer container
  • Naming and knowing the most essential parts under the hood (only the ones they could easily see)

For your teens

You might say that in this day and age it’s not too easy to let your teens help around and do house chores. But that’s exactly the reason why you should try harder, try your very best, to make them help. Think of everything you can let them do. That is one of the best ways you can teach them to be better young adults. That being said, you may now teach them how to be responsible car owners. Besides, there’s a big chance that they’ll acquire the family car. So whether or not your see they have a thing for cars and other mechanical stuff, you may still let them do more intricate car repairs. Among these DIY car fixes you can do with them are:

  • Checking oil level and topping up the oil
  • Changing spark plugs
  • Changing the tyres (without your assistance)
  • How to safely jump start a car
  • Checking coolant and other fluid levels

Sometimes, the reason why car owners today have little interest and poor skills in car repair and maintenance, is that they probably didn’t have experiences like these with their parents when they were young. We could think that the love and care for cars wasn’t really introduced to them, until it was already too late. So if you don’t want that to happen to your children, if you want them to grow up being responsible drivers and car owners, then try your best to do these activities with them while it’s early. The earlier, the better. Then you won’t have to worry about passing down your beloved cars to them when they get old enough.

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