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Our cars run from internal combustion. Because of that, generally, there is car exhaust smoke that comes from the engine – a collection of gases that are by-products of fuel combustion. They exit the vehicle through the tail pipes. But our cars today must not produce any kind of visible smoke from our tailpipes anymore. Once you do see thick visible smoke coming from any part of your car’s engine, it’s a clear indicator that something’s wrong.

Smoke coming from either diesel or petrol cars should be taken as a warning sign that there’s an existing problem or that there’s an even bigger issue that’s about to surface. More often, it is an opportunity to prevent a minor problem from worsening; but sometimes, it’s also a last chance to take immediate action to avoid completely damaging your engine.

As leading providers of reliable and quality junk car removal services, we have seen all kinds of cars that have suffered from all kinds of minor and major problems. And so, we ought to share with you some tips on avoiding such troubles simply by diagnosing the smoke that’s coming from your tailpipes. Once you do see some exhaust smoke, it’ll only be black, blue, or white. If you could correctly identify which color of smoke your car emits, it’ll be a lot easier to analyse what’s actually going on with your vehicle. Here’s what you should know:


This thick black smoke is most commonly seen among old and junk cars. Because damaged and aged vehicles usually aren’t as fuel-efficient, you often see them emitting this black smoke. This means that the engine is burning much fuel. It can also mean incomplete combustion and excessive carbon build up. If you’ve noticed that your car isn’t getting good enough mileage, expect to see this from your tailpipe. It might be caused simply by dirty engine components, or even among these:

  • Incorrect fuel injection timing
  • Leaking fuel injector
  • Closed and stuck fuel pressure regulator
  • Engine wear and overload
  • Incorrect valve clearance


Seeing white exhaust smoke is a sign that your coolant is burning in the combustion chamber. This will lead to car engine overheating or worse, serious engine damage. Most of the time, when it is cold outside or at morning, you’ll see this smoke coming out when you start your car. That is but normal, just note that it should be thin. But if it is thick and it doesn’t go away after a few minutes, then there’s a problem like one of these:

  • A crack in the cylinder head
  • Damaged or blown head gasket
  • Dirty fuel injectors
  • Faulty engine block


When a sort of thick blue-grey smoke comes out of your car, that indicates that there is burning oil and gasoline. And whenever there’s oil burning, it simply means that there are very hot leaks inside your engine – so seeking professional help is but the only way to go. Your engine oil comes into the cylinder and gets burned in the air-fuel mixture. How come this happens? These could be some of the causes:

  • Valve seals are leaking
  • Worn and damaged piston rings
  • Worn cylinder walls
  • Cylinder is glazed
  • Incorrect grade of oil is used

Bear in mind always that fixing, replacing, or rebuilding the major parts of your car’s engine is always going to be stressful and financially burdensome. And so whenever you see either black, white, or blue smoke, it is not the time to play the blame game; but rather the perfect chance to give your car engine the immediate and proper fix. As with any type of car issue, you’ll be making a serious mistake if you decide to wait it out.

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