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Looking for Hyundai wreckers in Melbourne?

Hyundai has been part of the Australian automotive landscape for many years. Once South Korea's largest conglomerate, Hyundai begun producing vehicles in 1947. It is now common to see Hyundai vehicles on Australian roads no matter where you are. In Victoria, there are many Hyundai vehicles and it's undeniable that some of them are reaching the end of their lifespan. This is where we, Advance Car Wreckers come in. We are Melbourne’s leading wreckers of vehicles. If you’re looking for a reputable Hyundai wreckers in Melbourne, your top choice must be Advance Car Wreckers.

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We are the Hyundai wreckers you can count on 

We take pride in being able to provide excellent service to our clients. Advance Car Wreckers don’t discriminate vehicles just because they are no longer running or because they are unregistered. As expert car wreckers, we wreck all types of vehicles. Your car's make, model or condition doesn't matter. We guarantee to provide top cash for your Hyundai vehicles. We will get your Hyundais removed from your property in a fast and efficient manner. You no longer have to wait for wreckers who will promise you a certain quote and will end up reneging on their promises. 

We put your Hyundai vehicles into good use

Here at Advance Car Wreckers, we make sure that your vehicles are thoroughly checked and correctly assessed. As we recycle the parts of your cars, you're not only helping people save money but you're also saving the environment. You also don't need to pay us for towing or pick up fees! We'll even take care of the paperworks for you. Advance Car Wreckers only provide hassle-free service. So if you have an old, wrecked or scrap Hyundai vehicle in your care, contact us now! Top cash awaits you as always.

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