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It’s no surprise that most car owners want their precious rides to be spotless and squeaky clean. Besides, a clean car is not only good to look at, but also it will only make you drive and ride it more proudly. But when talking about ‘cleaning cars’, does this only confine us to the body and interiors? Unfortunately, that’s the case for most car owners. Little do they know that the mechanical part of our precious automobiles are also in need of your tender loving care.

A clean engine and/or engine bay primarily adds up to your list of “things to brag about my car”; especially if you have car enthusiast friends who have habits of checking and fiddling with other people’s cars. It simply makes your used look newer and well-maintained. So apart from the appearance benefits, does a clean and shiny engine contribute much to the performance of your car? What does it really do for your ride? These questions might actually tell us somehow why many people seem to not-pay-so-much attention to cleaning the engine.

And so, as reputable and trusted providers of junk car removal services in Melbourne, we, Advance Car Wreckers, are here to share with you some of the benefits of keeping your engine clean.

Just to briefly answer the common questions we have mentioned earlier and to make it clear for everyone: Having been leaders of providing vehicle removal services for more than two decades now, our team of experts say that a spotless and shiny engine does not directly impact the overall performance of your vehicle. You might hear some car engine wash service providers saying that a clean engine runs cooler because the accumulated oil, dirt, and other debris causes heat. Well in a sense, it might be true. However, even if those could actually trap some heat, it wouldn’t really be enough to cause your engine to overheat. Get what we’re saying? It’s not the clean engine that makes it cooler – it’s the well-maintained coolant or cooling system, right?

Even so, there are still advantages of having a clean and well-taken care of engine. These may not directly affect your car’s performance, but these will definitely help in keeping your car in good condition for a long time. Here are they:


  • SPOT PROBLEMS EASILY – Most common engine problems arise because of leaks. So basically, if your engine is filthy, it’ll be harder for you to spot holes, corroded spots, and even torn belts. It would be hard for you to tell if those holes or cracks are new or if they have actually been there for a long time.
  • PREVENT CORROSION – If dirt, grime, sand, leaves, and dead insects are collected in the nooks and crannies of your engine, it’s more likely to accumulate water and other elements that cause corrosion.
  • NO TO COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS – Just in case your engine already has serious oil leak problems and more, and you aren’t aware of it because it’s either you rarely look at your engine or you never clean it, all the leaves as well as the grease accumulated there will immediately become fire hazards both on the road and in your garage.
  • IMPROVE HVAC SYSTEM PERFORMANCE – Even if it doesn’t directly improve engine performance, it will still eventually help your HVAC and cooling system perform better. As a simple example, if you let leaves pile up in at the bottom of the windshield, your air conditioning will have a harder time with its fresh air intake. So just think about the cooling system’s air filters, it’ll be the same or rather worse especially if leaked oil and accumulated debris continues to block it.
  • AVOID MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL & FUEL SYSTEM HAVOCS – If you let your engine be dirtier and filthier over time, it sure is an open invitation for insects and four-legged critters to enter, live, multiply, and even die inside your engine bay. Don’t underestimate them as their skills in creating mechanical, electrical, and fuel system issues are really impressive.
  • HIGHER RESALE VALUE – This might not be surprising to you, but just to reiterate, we decided to include it on the list. By keeping your engine neat, spotless, and shiny, it will most definitely reflect how you are as an owner. It will show that you have really done a great job in not only cleaning your engine, but also making sure that it doesn’t have any problems. So if in case you decide to sell it and want to get a higher cash for your car, a sparkling engine may do the trick.



Just an added expert tip, no matter how many videos you’ve watched, how many things you’ve read, or how many people have told you that using your pressure washer or garden hose is a full-proof way to clean your engine, never believe or follow any of it. Regardless if you have an old or modern car, it is never a good idea to wash your engine because of the plenty sensitive and and fragile electronic parts that are under or inside there. There are lots of engine cleaning and degreasing products available in the market today. Use them along with some absorbent pads and a drip pan, and you’ll easily DIY your way to a clean and shiny engine.


If you have a car that has a dead engine or even a seriously damaged transmission, fixing and replacing probably won’t be the best options for you now. They will simply put a huge dent on your wallet. So consider getting fast and FREE car removal services from Advance Car Wreckers. We will not only remove and properly dispose your old car for free, but will also guarantee that you’ll get top instant cash for cars services. Call us now!


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