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Get a price offer for your Nissan car in an instant

When selling your used Nissan car privately, you’d have to wait for an interested buyer in order to get a price offer. But with Advance Car Wreckers, you can get it right when you want it. If you’re just tired of advertising and waiting, you can just ask our expert vehicle appraisers to evaluate your car and then you can immediately get the rightful price offer for your Nissan vehicle. Moreover, unlike when hiring professional appraisers, you won’t have to pay for anything when you ask us to evaluate your car. It is fast, free, and most especially, it comes with absolutely no pressure and obligation to immediately accept our offer. We totally respect your rights and welfare as owners of these Nissan cars. The only time we’ll get on with the sale and removal of the vehicle is when you are finally decided. The only thing we’ll need from you is a single proof of ownership, nothing more. We’ll take care of all the rest.

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Instead of letting that Nissan car rot and rust away in your driveway, let Advance Car Wreckers take it. We will put your car into good use and we will make sure that it will extend the lifeline of other Nissan vehicles that are in need of spare parts to function again. We will dispose your old and junk Nissan in an eco-friendly manner and we will test all the working parts before re-selling them. Advance Car Wreckers is known for being the most efficient Nissan wrecker in Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs.


With Advance Car Wreckers’ two decades of experience in the automotive industry, we are truly confident to say that only experts in the business will be handling that Nissan car you have once loved, adored, and taken care of. We have Nissan wreckers, dismantlers, mechanics, drivers, and towing crew who will make sure that your car is still treated with respect - regardless of its condition. In addition, when you are handing over your Nissan car to auto experts, you’ll have that peace of mind in knowing that every bit and piece of your old ride is put into a better purpose. There’s no better Nissan wreckers Melbourne than us!

Sell your Nissan vehicle to us and earn yourself some good amount of cash. Call 0405-063-700 now or simply click the button below to request a quote.

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