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How Do I Save Money on Car Maintenance?

Car Maintenance

Buying a car not only entails a big dent on your wallet; but also, it’s a bigger responsibility. Even if you will buy the car in full cash, you’d still have to worry about the expenses you’ll incur while you continue to use and keep it in the future. That is why, it is always advised that even before you think of buying one, you’d have to be emotionally, mentally, and financially prepared for the costs that’ll add up to your monthly expenses, not to mention there are also going to be lots of unexpected ones heading your way.

Thus, even the not-so car experts will also advise you to practise all kinds of cost-saving measures to be able keep up with car maintenance for many years. It’ll surely make a big difference in your bank account. But if you’re that oblivious and careless to neglect this, no matter how much ‘cashed up’ you think you are, chances are, you’ll find yourself draining your wallet dry in one way or another.

As Melbourne’s leading car buyers and trusted car wreckers who have been dealing with all kinds of damaged and junk cars for two long decades, we say that it’ll really pay-off in the future if you will have a money-saving attitude on driving and maintaining a car. But let us be clear on this: we are not saying that you should skimp on repairs, opt for the cheap maintenance services, or purchase knock-off parts and accessories. What we truly mean is, all the things you’ll do with your car (like driving or fixing it) should always have cost-saving motivations in mind. In that way, you’ll be able to save yourself on spending even more. Here are some tips to help you do that:

Read and follow your car’s manual.

Don’t treat your manual like a newspaper – quickly browse through it then forget about it or throw it away. Treat like your Bible. Live by it. Those instructions and recommendations aren’t there for nothing. Your car has specific needs and requirements that other vehicles don’t. We’re not telling you to memorise everything that’s in it, but make sure that you have understood everything inside it. Also, follow the service maintenance schedules religiously.

Do sight checks at least weekly.

In order to spot issues right away, even before they escalate, you must inspect your vehicle at least every week. Take a good look at the engine as well as the undercarriage. See if you have gotten out-of-the-blue dents or scratches. See if there’s any part that’s in need of immediate replacing.

Keep your tyres in perfect condition, always.

Tyres in good shape means fuel efficiency and driving security. Thus, to save money on fuel expenses and premature tyre wearing, make sure they are in good health. Inflate them with correct air pressure. Label each of your tyres so that you can take note every time you do a rotation.

Drive prudently and responsibly.

Apart from being a fuel-saving measure, more importantly, this is the key to avoid road accidents AND hefty repair costs. Even if let’s say you are fully covered by insurance, that doesn’t mean you can over speed and do irresponsible driving always.

All essential fluids must be kept at proper levels.

Check the coolant, battery water, transmission fluid, brake and clutch fluids, and even the windshield washer. They all keep your engine running smoothly. By keeping them at their proper levels always, you will save more money by not having to fix and replace your battery and other engine parts at an earlier time.

Don’t overdo an oil change.

If your car is of a newer model, like from the 2000s, there’s no need to exceed the recommended oil changes suggested by your manufacturer. Our cars today are built to use synthetic oils which are in need of replacing for at least every 7,500 miles. You will not only save on oil change costs but you’ll also help by not polluting our environment.

Change your air filters every month.

Filthy filters will shorten your engine’s life and will reduce your car’s fuel economy by 10%. If you see that it still be cleaned, then do so. But if really needs replacing, change it immediately so your engine won’t suffer.

If you need a single answer to the question, how do I save money on car maintenance? That’s simple. As expert car removalists, wreckers, and buyers, this is our ultimate advice: if you suspect or have spotted even just a minor issue with your car, attend to it right away. Never delay taking care of it. Just by doing that, you’ll be saving yourself from incurring more car maintenance expenses in the future.

As an added tip, try to keep up with your used car for as long as possible. Don’t trade your car in too soon. If you think you’ll save more money because you’ll use a newer vehicle, that’s where you might be wrong. When you trade your car more frequently, you’ll lose more money on trade-in values that are super low. Do your best to keep your vehicle for about 5-7 years by practising all the cost-saving car maintenance tips we have given, and then re-evaluate. But your car is really nearing the end of its lifespan, then don’t hesitate to contact Advance Car Wreckers for free cash for cars and car removal services.


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