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Should I Buy a Used Car With a Branded/Salvage Title?

Car With a Branded/Salvage Title

Some say that buying a car is probably the second biggest purchase (next to buying your own house) you’ll ever make in your life. Because of that, more and more budget-conscious car shoppers are now constantly on the lookout for good quality used cars. Howbeit, with today’s tough economy and continuously growing used car market, finding such a good buy seems kind of harder than it should be.

As you continue on browsing through ads of used cars for sale, you come across this seemingly good condition car that has a price that’s really too good to be true. And then, upon reading the whole page, one detail then strikes you: “with salvage title”.

So now, what does that mean? When you come across this one in every car ad, does it automatically tell you to go to the next one? Well basically, a salvage titled car is one that has been considerably damaged usually from an accident. The previous owner’s insurance company deemed it as a ‘total loss’ that is why they had its title branded as a salvage vehicle. Now usually, when you look at most of the salvage vehicles sold on the market today, it doesn’t really look that bad at least on the outside. And because of its attractive low price tag, you’re more likely to tell yourself that all the damages are still repairable.

Well before you get ahead of yourself, let us, Advance Car Wreckers, help you out. We have been a cash for cars and car removal Melbourne company for more than two decades now. In that long period of time, we have dealt with almost every kind of old, junk and salvage car there is. We want to honestly tell you that there are advantages and disadvantages that you have to consider first before laying out cash for that automobile. Our expert vehicle removalists, appraisers, mechanics, and recyclers have come up with a list of all the pros and cons of buying a used car with a salvage title:


We hate to break it to you but there’s only one but true advantage that you’ll get from purchasing a salvage title car. But don’t be bothered by that ONE ‘pro’, because it’s a solution to one of your biggest car purchase problems – your limited budget. You can save a whole lot of money by choosing this kind of used car for sale.

And like what we have mentioned earlier, you (amongst no one else) would probably see a great potential in this particular car just because it’s sold really cheap. Well, you might be in that scenario because of two things: (1) you see that vehicle as a treasure trove of good spare parts, or (2) you are really into fixing and restoring a damaged ride, so as to use as war car or run-to-the-grocery vehicle. Well if you have another car that is newer and you’re just buying salvaged one to keep the mileage down on your newer vehicle, then this could really do the trick.

Well here’s one that we can also tell you, there are lots of reasons why insurance companies brand a certain vehicle as salvaged. And it’s not always because the car is 70 or 80% damaged. It may also be because it vandaled, recovered from theft, or a victim of a natural disaster. Whatever reason that may be for the case of the car you’re looking at, you’re still the one to bear all the consequences.


COST vs. REPAIRS –  While it’s true that these cars are sold with extremely low prices, you are always at risk of spending more than you thought you would. More often, the damages can be really extensive and could not easily be detected. So to protect yourself from this one, you have to consult with a professional mechanic and let him meticulously inspect the vehicle for you before you actually buy it.

INSURANCE IS A PAIN –  You are actually lucky if you will find an insurance company who will cover the salvage title car you have just bought. Because in real life, most insurers won’t cover them at all. And so, when you do buy a used car with a branded title, expect already that you’ll be dealing with lots of insurance problems. Some will jack up the coverage price while some will charge usual premiums but will give you headaches in the future by paying out almost nothing when you already have to get your claims.

NO RESALE – Most people who have bought salvage title cars often disregard the thought of reselling that vehicle in the future. Because of its low price and damages, they’ve already decided to use it up until the end of its useful life.

A SALVAGE IS FOREVER – Once the car is totaled and branded as salvage, that label remains on its title for the rest of its life, regardless if you have indeed brought it back into good running condition. Once you are in this situation, the best thing that you can do about it is that you can have it inspected and approved by the DMV, then the title will be rebranded as “rebuilt” instead of salvaged. But still once again, even if you have a rebuilt title for your car, regardless of the money, time, and effort you have put into it, you’ll have no other choice but to sell it in the future with a much lower price tag.



If you’re to ask us upfront if purchasing a salvage title is really worth it, our answer is: IT DEPENDS. It will depend on the amount of time, work, and money that you are willing to invest on that vehicle. Not all those who have bought salvage cars ended up in bad situations. So if it’s okay for you to take on all the risks we have mentioned, then go right ahead and trust your instincts. Just make sure that before you even dive and take the plunge, you know everything that you are getting yourself into. And if your gut really tells you to buy that vehicle, there are safety precautions you can take before you choose which particular salvaged car to purchase.


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