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SPENDING WISELY: How to Save Money on Your Car

Save Money on Your Car

Getting a car is no easy purchase and handling your car maintenance needs is not to be taken lightly either. Thus making car ownership indeed a big responsibility. No wonder there are others who simply think that our cars are making us poor.

Unfortunately, cars are necessities. Our lives would be more difficult and complicated without them. And so, we have no other choice but to keep up spending money on expenses for repair, gas, maintenance, and even accidents.

If you’re a first-time car owner, don’t get too overwhelmed. There’s a key to breezing through all these car expenses without actually draining your wallets. That’s where we, Advance Car Wreckers, come in. As Melbourne’s leading car buyers, car removalists, and car wreckers, we give you some easy tips so you could save lots of dollars on your car:

To get a reasonable amount of potential savings on new car purchases:

  • Choose a car that has impressive features and various options on fuel economy.
  • Opt for the smallest car variant that fits your needs. They are cheaper and lighter (thus better fuel efficiency).
  • Be wary of extended warranties and promos/deals that will cost you more money in the long run.
  • Keep your car nice and well-maintained for about 5-7 years instead of getting an upgrade after a couple of years. How will you do that? The next part will tell you all about it…

If you want to make your car last longer and at the same time save money (in the long run) on car maintenance and repairs:

  • Follow your manufacturer’s recommended service maintenance and tune-ups (if applicable) schedules religiously.
  • Know what’s inside your car manual by heart. Not to memorise it, but to understand it deeply.
  • Address car issues immediately no matter how simple or small they are. This will prevent them to escalating into bigger problems, thus bigger expenses.
  • Maintain good tyre health. Always make sure you never travel with improper air pressure – lower and higher PSI are both dangerous. Have them rotated periodically.
  • Keep all essential fluids at optimum levels.
  • Consider buying quality used auto parts to replace components of your car that are already worn. Most of the time, if your bring your own replacement parts to the car repair shop, you’ll get some discounts (BYOP).
  • If it’s as simple as replacing a wiper, headlight bulb, or spark plug, try DIY.
  • Find and hold on to a skilled and experienced auto mechanic whom you know you can rely on for many years.
  • Always research about car repair estimates, good deals on car parts, auto detailing packages, and the like. Doing your homework is your only shield against being ripped off by car-related businesses.

If you aim to get the most out of the money you allot for the ever-increasing fuel costs:

  • If it’s possible in your trusted petrol station, pump your own gas. Self-serve is usually 5-10% cheaper than full-service gas stations.
  • Break the habit of idling especially with the air conditioning on. It just simply wastes gas. Period.
  • Free your vehicle from unnecessary weight. Refrain from turning your car into an extension of your home. A heavier car is a vehicle that uses up more gas.
  • Refrain from doing Fast and the Furious driving. Don’t speed up if it’s really not needed. Always practise modest and courteous driving.
  • Combine your errands into one day and carefully pick just one area where you can achieve everything so you won’t have to drive from one place to another.
  • Plan your route ahead of time. If you are running late, you’ll most likely speed up everywhere. It’s not only dangerous but it will also make you use up all your gas like crazy. In the same way, use navigation apps so you could avoid areas with heavy traffic. Stop-and-go driving is unfortunately a gas-guzzling scenario.
  • Pay for petrol using a cash-back rewards card. There are also some credit cards that have tie-ups with fuel companies that provide discounts, promos, and rewards.


In this day and age, there are simply countless ways to easily achieve frugal car ownership. So if you want to make the most out of your investment, out of your precious car, you really have to do whatever it takes to spend and drive wisely. Just follow all these simple tips we have given you, and you’ll be on the right track.


If you have already gotten the best out of your car and it is now simply at the last leg of its useful life, consider hiring a reputable cash for cars Melbourne company like Advance Car Wreckers. We have been buying used cars in Melbourne for over two decades now. And to tell you honestly, the earlier you realise that your car isn’t gonna do you any good anymore, the more chances of you getting a higher amount of cash for letting us take your old ride. So what are you waiting for? Get a reasonable part of your investment back and call us now!


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