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Get up to $9999 Cash For Cars in Melbourne

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We are Melbourne’s top Subaru wreckers

Subaru is the 22nd largest automaker by production worldwide as of 2012. The Japanese transportation conglomerate which was formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries came to Australia in 1973. Advance Car Wreckers has a similar mission with Subaru itself. Subaru Australia’s goal is to make its cars rule the Australian roads, while we at Advance Car Wreckers, aim to ensure that there are no Subaru cars that are not put into good use or are left rotting in garages. As Melbourne’s top Subaru wreckers, we will wreck and recycle all Subaru vehicles that are no longer being used or driven on the roads.

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We are Subaru wreckers who gives top cash

If you believe your Subaru is worthless, you may be wrong! This is because no matter how old or useless your vehicle is, we will still compensate you for your expenses in maintaining or keeping your vehicle in your garage. We have been in the car wrecking and car removal industry for 20 years now so we have pretty much mastered vehicle valuation. Every car has a value, no matter how old they are or what their condition is.

Our Subaru wreckers guarantee fast and efficient service

We value our clients’ time. We adhere to your specifications about your time of availability or place where we will pick up the vehicle. Our car wreckers are experienced and they have the necessary resources to ensure your car is removed from your property within 2 hours of our arrival in your location. If the car can be towed easily, we guarantee to take it within the first 30 minutes and after you’ve signed all the paperworks. That’s how convenient our service is. What are you waiting for? Call us now at 0405 063 700. Our friendly staff are waiting!

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