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The Most Common Types of Vehicular Accidents

Vehicular Accidents

If there’s anything that car owners and drivers dread the most, it’s getting into an accident. No matter how minor or major it may be, there’s no way that it wouldn’t worry you or stress you out. And sad truth is, there are times that even if we practice defensive driving, even if we take good care of our cars, and even if we never fail to say our prayers for protection, we still aren’t assured that we won’t meet a road mishap along the way.

Being a car removal and cash for cars company for more than 20 years, we have seen all kinds of damaged and wrecked vehicles that have been victims of unfortunate incidents on the road – from the simplest to the most wicked ones. And believe us, (if fate really has it) it’ll occur any time no matter where you are. Having said that, our team of expert car wreckers, dismantlers, and recyclers, ought to provide you with some helpful info on what these types of car accidents are. To further aid you in avoiding (as much as possible) these unfortunate scenarios, it is better to equip yourself with everything there is to know about them. Here are the 5 types of vehicular accidents:



This one is deemed as probably one of the worst and deadliest accidents you could meet. It’s said to have the highest fatality rate of all road incidents. They are very violent in nature. Unlike the other types of car crashes, this one is complex because it can be caused by multiple factors: nature, reckless driving behavior, speed, road condition, and more. Examples of scenarios that cause vehicle rollovers are:

  • A single vehicle sliding sideways then tyres hit a curb
  • Collision with another vehicle or object like concrete barriers
  • A vehicle crosses a ditch or a critical slope
  • Sharp turns at very high speeds


This one is probably a driver’s top-of-mind road mishap. It is when a car crashes into the vehicle in front of it. Maybe the reason why this kind is the most common is because they are normally caused by human error. They are usually due to things like:

  • Driver is distracted or inattentive
  • Tailgating
  • Panic stops
  • Loss of vehicle traction (because of the weather and road conditions)


This fatal road accident occurs when the front ends of two vehicles crash and hit each other. And because the impact is frontal and windshields get broken, drivers of both vehicles, including their front passengers, usually get serious head injuries.


Not because this type of collision or accident involves only one vehicle, it means it doesn’t pose any kind of danger. There is a wide variety of this kind of accident because it generally caused by driving mistakes and unexpected roadblocks or obstacles. Among the common single car accidents are:

  • Collisions with animals
  • Fallen debris
  • Slipping on Ice
  • Run-off-road accidents like losing control or misjudging a curve
  • Hitting barriers and road signs


This is also referred to as the T-Bone, Broadside, or Side Impact Collisions. These accidents are where the sides of multiple vehicles are impacted. They normally happen in traffic intersections. Most common causes of this are:

  • Running a red light
  • Taking a left turn without yielding to oncoming traffic
  • Two vehicles passing on a narrow roadway


You may probably consider these low speed accidents the least kind of all car crashes, but they still are damaging to our vehicles. Even as the so-called “fender-benders”, handling them still is stressful. Some of the most common low speed accidents happen when:

  • Backing up
  • When parking
  • Trying to avoid pedestrian
  • Bumping into side rails and streetlights

Now that you we have clearly differentiated the kinds of vehicular accidents we all could possibly meet, we should have a better understanding on what we can do to avoid them. It’s still and will always be defensive, cautious, courteous, and safe driving.

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