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What is Electronic Stability Control?

Electronic Stability Control

Driving safety has always been an important consideration when it comes to designing, upgrading, and manufacturing automobiles. No matter the carmaker, the safety of the driver and passengers are always top priority. And so, through the years, they continue to come up with different kinds of technologies to improve driving security and lessen the risks of accidents.

Since the year 1983, car manufacturers have been developing all sorts of systems and car features to prevent the vehicle from skidding or loss of traction. That’s where the technology, Electronic Stability Control, we now take advantage of really rooted from. Because it was continuously developed over the years, many manufacturers refer to this technology in different ways. It’s named differently, but the main purpose is just the same: to avoid skidding and losing control. Among its common names are: Electronic Stability Program, Vehicle Stability Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Electronic Stabilisation Program, Stability and Traction Control, and others.

Because of its importance, the state of Victoria has ordered all Australian manufacturers and importers to fit ESC systems into their vehicles since the start of 2011. This regulation and mandate is also practised in America and most of Europe.

So what really is Electronic Stability Control?

This system is a computerised technology that helps the car improve its stability by detecting and reducing the loss of traction. However, this system won’t be able to effectively do its job without other safety features like the Anti-lock braking (ABS) system and traction control. Once your car starts to skid, they all work together to protect you and your car from imminent danger.

How does the whole system work?

As we have mentioned, different carmakers have their own versions of the system. So, technically, even if they have the same purpose, they still aren’t exactly the same. But to give you a clearer picture of how it generally works, it’s like this: The ESC has a number of sensors all over your car which will intelligently detect if your vehicle is about to lose control. Once it does detect loss of control, it will automatically apply the relevant brake level needed, and, will help steer your car back in its right path. So when you are just normally driving, the ESC continues to work in the background by monitoring your direction and steering control. It will only intervene once it’s needed. The ESCs we now use today work effectively in all driving and road conditions. They will work on smooth roads, rough and bumpy pavements, frozen lakes, and more.

Now that you understand what it is and how it generally works, you may be asking yourself,

‘What’s really in it for me?’

As the system prevents your car from oversteering and turning, it is generally a safety feature. But more specifically, it also helps in driving performance and efficiency. It helps the car control itself during sudden evasive turns and movement. It helps the driver handle difficult road situations like gravel patches, sharp turns, and road shoulders. It improves traction of the vehicle especially on wet and icy roads. In other words, driving is a whole lot easier, safer, and more efficient with ESC around.

On a different level, because of this technology, many studies here and abroad have proven its effectivity in saving lives and reducing the number of severe car crashes. According to www.howsafeisyourcar.com.au, in 2016, road accident data and research show that about 41 lives could’ve been saved if their cars have Electronic Stability Control. Simply put, almost all automobile engineers and experts simply recommend this technology to be incorporated in each and every vehicle made.


In conclusion, with cars being such risky and dangerous machines, we need to be aware of the features that we need to prioritise and look for to help protect our lives and the lives of our passengers. Advance Car Wreckers has been a leading car removal and cash for cars company for more than two decades. As expert used car buyers and car wreckers, we have seen all types of vehicles that have been damaged from these kinds of accidents – from the bad to the absolute worst. So believe us when we say, it really pays to have all the safety features like the Electronic Stability Control.

And if you’re planning to let go of your old car because you simply think it isn’t safe for you and your family anymore, then we are here to help you. We are Melbourne’s leading car buyers who are reputable for paying clients with top cash for cars regardless of their make, model and condition.

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