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Car Wreckers Campbellfield

Campbellfield is a quaint little suburb of Melbourne with a population of only 5,000+ (according to the 2016 Census). It is a suburb with mixed residential and industrial areas. The folks that have lived here for long and have already invested in the area love the fact that it has beautiful parks, plenty recreational areas, shops that are open 24/7, close to the freeway, and most of all, minimal cost of living. However, areas of improvement include number of private schools, public transport systems, and traffic conditions.

Not too long ago, Campbellfield is included in Melbourne’s Top Four crime-ridden suburbs; and it was in the bottom 5 of the most liveable Melbourne suburbs. But even with these bad rep, the locals who have always loved it here simply because everything you need is at your fingertips and the affordable living makes it a great place for starting and growing families. Now if you’re one of those residents who own 1-3 cars because of the lack of available public transport, you may be guilty of keeping one that’s already too old and too damaged. And as one of the reputable car wreckers Campbellfield has had for many decades, we are here to tell you that counting years on that old, wrecked and scrap car isn’t going to give you any advantage at all.

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If you need expert car wreckers in Campbellfield then go with Advance Car Wreckers.

Our team of Campbellfield car wreckers and recyclers have been in this business for more than twenty years now. We have handled all types of old and used cars that are rusted, overused, wrecked from collision, weather-damaged, and more. And believe us, when you choose to still keep a car like that, you’ll not only contribute to the pollution and bad traffic situation in your suburb. But you’ll also incur more and more expenses. So let our Campbellfield car wreckers help you now - we’ll even give you top instant cash for your car!