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Get up to $9999 Cash For Cars in Melbourne

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Get top cash for cars today!

Apart from being that eyesore and clutter in your driveway, you’d have to admit that your old and beat-up car is nothing more than a liability now. Besides the fact that it is no longer as useful, you still manage to use up some of your funds for it as well. With that little spark of hope that it can still work, you spend lots of money on repairs and maintenance fees. You realise that this won’t cut it anymore, right? That’s where we, Advance Car Wreckers, come in. We are passionate about helping junk and used car owners like you, to turn that liability into additional income. For more than 20 years, we have gained the trust of many clients by providing top cash for cars that are no longer efficient, economical, safe, and roadworthy. We have professional car wreckers, car valuators and car recyclers who are making the process of selling your vehicle bearable. We will help you dispose your old car truck van in a fast and efficient manner. We also provide cash for commercial vehicles.

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Sell your cars for cash. We provide reasonable quotes.

We perfectly understand and respect your need to scout for the best prices for your car. And as we know that your time is precious, we won’t burden you and let you wait just to get an accurate valuation and price estimate for your old ride. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Just by filling-out the online enquiry form or calling our hotline, you can immediately get the quote. No waiting needed! Just make sure to give us the complete details of your vehicle, and our friendly operators and appraisers will handle the rest. If you still need time to think about it and decide, no pressure! We provide free, no-obligation quotes to serve our clients better. Of course, you may arrange for a same-day or scheduled car removal services at your convenience. With Advance Car Wreckers, you are assured that you will get the amount you have agreed to, upfront. Once we have completed our end of the bargain, that’s the time you can hand over the keys to your old car, van and trucks. Our process is hassle free and we will even take care of paper work for you.

Cash on the spot! Instant Cash for Your Old Car.

By choosing to close a deal with us, you are assured that you will get the best price for your scrap car or unwanted car. Why? We have a number of reasons:

  • Our seasoned vehicle appraisers have been in the automobile industry for decades.
  • With our experts’ know-how and the use of latest technologies, we keep ourselves updated with latest scrap metal and used car rates.
  • We have a wide network of auto salvage companies, car yards, used car buyers, and car wreckers all around Melbourne, thus, you are sure you won’t get ripped off or taken advantage of.
  • Our free car removal services won’t be charged against nor deducted from the price we’ll be offering you, regardless if you're selling damaged cars to us or cars in working condition.
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Get Instant Cash for Cars Now!

In order to earn instant cash for cars, all you have to do is one thing: recover documents that show us you are the rightful owner of the car. As legitimate and registered used car buyers in Melbourne, we won’t risk losing our license by taking used cars that aren’t really yours to sell in the first place. An old car title, a court order, or a vehicle registration will suffice. We give you options to get cash for your car on the spot or you can choose to receive a dated cheque payable in your name or have the money transferred directly to your bank account.

Want to get as much as $9,999 for your aged and beat-up car? Forward your enquiries and get cash for used cars Melbourne now!  Don't look further and trust us to provide you with excellent cash for car removal and instant cash for cars services.