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Car Wreckers Footscray

This inner-western suburb of Melbourne is only 5 kilometres away from the Central Business District. With its population of more or less 15,000, it is characterized by having a very diverse and multicultural residential and commercial area.

But, even if Footscray has a strong network of public transportation, road congestion is still very common. This is because many residents own more than one vehicle. As a result, there are junk cars waiting to be disposed. There are also many old vehicles that are at the end of their lifespan but are still being kept in some garage. Advance Car Wreckers is here to educate car owners that it’s never okay to keep old and junk cars. Not only will it harm the environment, it will also cost them more money in maintenance and repair costs.


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Search no more and choose Advance Car Wreckers. Our team of Footscray car wreckers have been wrecking and removing old and junk cars for two decades. By opting for our services, you are assured that you are indeed working with Footscray car wreckers and auto recyclers who would support EPA and government regulations. We wouldn’t risk losing our licenses and certificates just to earn income.

We value our customers and the environment first. By working with expert car wreckers like us, you will not only get free car removal services, but also top cash for your vehicles. We buy and wreck all cars regardless of their make, model and condition. Speak with our friendly staff now – call 0405-063-700!