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Sell My Car Melbourne

Are you in the dilemma of constantly asking yourself, “If I decide to sell my car now, what would be the best option?” We perfectly understand that finally deciding to let go of that car you have once loved and adored is one thing, but thinking of how you’re actually going to sell it is another. Since the beginning, as one of the pioneers in the car wrecking and cash for cars industry in Melbourne, we have been letting our clients know and realise that opting to sell their old and junk cars sooner will entail more benefits, more than anything.

With Advance Car Wreckers, we will arrange the car removal and sale process in a manner and schedule that is most convenient for you. If you want to have your car removed right away, we can do just that. If you want it at done any other time or day, that is also fine with us.

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Any aged and beat-up car still has value.

If you are hesitating to sell your car because you think no one would ever want it because of its looks and condition; well, think again. That’s exactly the reason why you should deal with reputable used car buyers and car recyclers like us. Little do you know that the more damaged and the more wrecked your car is, the more you need to sell and get rid of it as soon as possible. Because we are the leading car removal company in Melbourne, many clients entrust their old, rusty, damaged, and completely wrecked vehicles to us. For the last two decades, we have been paying top cash for cars for brands like Honda, Ford, Toyota, Isuzu, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, among many others.

We have a team of expert evaluators, mechanics and appraisers who are masters in detecting issues and of course valuable parts in every type of car. That is why you will be assured that your car will be offered with a price that is right.

Sell your car exactly just the way you like it.

Because satisfying and making our clients happy is one of the core values we’re most proud of, we let you have your way when it comes to selling your old ride. Firstly, we won’t ever pressure you to letting us take your car at a price that you aren’t happy with. Second, you don’t have to waste time and effort on doing advertisements, waiting for prospects, negotiating and haggling with interested buyers, prepping or dressing up your car for sale, and doing all the paperwork regarding the transaction. By choosing to deal with us, you are actually saving yourself from doing all these. Last but definitely not the least, you will dictate where and when you want your car to be sold. We will adjust accordingly to your schedule.

Don’t hesitate now, speak with our friendly operators and arrange the removal and sale of your old ride today! Call us at 0405 063 700. Or simply click the button below to get your free quote.

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