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Car Wreckers Laverton

At 17 km southwest of Melbourne’s Central Business District is a small and humble suburb called Laverton. According to the 2016 census, it has a recorded population of only 4,915. Laverton is known for being one of Victoria’s hottest suburbs as it has a record of having the highest summer temperatures, actually hotter than the city itself.

Just like many suburbs in Victoria, there are lots of junk cars in Laverton. This is why Advance Car Wreckers wants to educate car owners about the dangers of keeping their old cars. It is not only costly but it also poses a grave risk to the environment. And just because car owners don’t know their other options, doesn’t mean they will just let their vehicles rot in garages. Let’s talk about our free car removal service and other benefits you can get from us.


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Let knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable Laverton car wreckers help you out. We are a trusted company in the car wreckers Laverton industry for more than two decades now. And in that long period of time, we have been helping lots of Laverton residents get rid of their old cars that are now unroadworthy or junk.

So there’s no need to worry, our Laverton car wreckers and recyclers have mastered handling these types of vehicles. And no matter how ugly or useless you think your old ride is now, we will still give you a reasonable amount of cash for it. So don’t wait up and speak with our friendly operators now!