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Car Wreckers Fitzroy

This suburb is 2 kilometres northeast of Melbourne’s city centre. Folks from the CBD can easily go there either by tram or by foot. Many say that Fitzroy is home to Melbourne’s bohemian and artistic set. It has a great mix of art galleries, studios, and specialty bookshoppes. It is also dotted with a selection of multicultural and unique restaurants. Many local and international visitors visit Fitzroy’s Johnson Street where the Spanish heritage is really prominent. There are lots of eat streets, pop-up bars, clubs, quirky and vintage shops, and a whole lot more. Simply put, if you want to feed your passion and celebrate life, come to this inner northern suburb, and you’ll surely won’t regret it. Maybe it’s also one of the reasons why it is Melbourne’s smallest (just 100 ha) and most densely populated suburban area.

Apart from the artistic and buzzing lifestyle in Fitzroy, the folks there also know how to relax and enjoy nature. Many of the residents love going on long walks and bicycle rides. Hanging out and doing picnics is also thing here, hence their largest park, the Edinburgh Gardens. Furthermore, vital centers like schools, hospitals, and churches are more than sufficient for everyone. On the negative side, (maybe because it’s close to the CBD) there is no railway station in Fitzroy itself. Trams and car sharing services are their only means of transportation. Thus, you could say that almost all residents here own at least a single vehicle to give them mobility.

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