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Car Wreckers Fitzroy

Fitzroy is located 2 kilometres northeast of Melbourne’s city centre. Folks from the CBD can easily go there either by tram or by foot. Many say that Fitzroy is home to Melbourne’s bohemian and artistic set. It has a great mix of art galleries, studios, and specialty bookshoppes.

Fitzroy’s only means of transportation are trams and car sharing services. Thus, you could say that almost all residents here own at least a single vehicle to give them mobility. In Fitzroy, it’s common to see old cars still roaming the roads. What car owners probably didn’t know is that they can get top cash by selling their old vehicles to reputable car wreckers like Advance Car Wreckers. Rather than holding onto your old cars, sell it to us so you can earn extra cash you can use to acquire a new vehicle. We basically buy cars of all makes and models, regardless of their age or condition. Request a quote now by clicking the button below.


Need help from expert Fitzroy car wreckers?

Do you have an automobile that seems too old and damaged already? If it has already served you for about 6-10 years already, maybe it’s about time that you give it its well-deserved rest. Work with expert car wreckers from Advance Car Wreckers. We are fully licensed car wreckers and car buyers, so you’re assured that we will protect your rights as consumers. We also adhere to Victoria’s new scrap metal laws.

Our Fitzroy car wreckers are very experienced in dealing with all kinds of old, damaged, and scrap cars. Our team will make sure that your beloved cars will be used for a much greater purpose instead of just rotting in your garage. Most of all, you’re also assured to get top cash regardless of your vehicle’s condition. So call us now and schedule your free car removal service!