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Car Wreckers Clayton

This suburb is located 19 kilometres south east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. One distinct characteristic of Clayton is that only 28% of its population are natural-born Australians. All the rest are from different kinds of races and ethnicities. Thus, it is often referred to as a multi-cultural and family-friendly town, southeast of the city.

Clayton provides a lifestyle that’s really perfect for students and families and it has good access to public transportation. Because of this, Clayton car owners are more sentimental about keeping their old vehicles. And since cars are not being used all the time, old and junk cars pile up in the area. Car owners don’t want to get them removed or disposed thinking they might need it sooner or later. Here in Advance Car Wreckers, we educate car owners that it’s never okay to keep old cars to rust and rot in garages. Doing so will put your family and the environment at risk. Rather than keeping old and junk cars, you can use the public transportation in Clayton or upgrade your car to a newer model.


Let our reliable Clayton car wreckers help you.

Have you realised that keeping your old car is not worth it anymore? If you don’t like to spend more money on repairs and maintenance costs, then having it wrecked by professional wreckers like us would be a better choice. Because we are among the leading and trusted car wreckers Clayton, you are assured that you’re entrusting your car to experts in the car industry. We will not only dispose your old cars in an eco-friendly manner, we will also give you a good amount of cash. So call us now to know more or enquire using the button below.