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Car Wreckers Clayton

This suburb is located 19 kilometres south east of Melbourne’s Central Business District. One distinct characteristic of Clayton is that only 28% of its population are natural-born Australians. All the rest are from different kinds of races and ethnicities. Thus, it is often referred to as a multi-cultural and family-friendly town, southeast of the city. It’s residential area alone will already reveal to you how diverse the culture is there in Clayton. There are retro family homes from the 60s, contemporary townhouses, and student apartment complexes.

Being home to Monash University means that the Clayton population’s primary demographic is younger and independent people, too. And next, are the growing families with children in school. Because of that, Clayton obviously provides a lifestyle that’s really perfect for students and families. It is truly a diverse and multicultural enclave with a whole lot of community spirit. In a nutshell, folks do really love it here because of the academic facilities, size of shopping centres, good access to public transportation, and proximity to nice cafes and restaurants. On the other hand, residents say that it could improve with more open spaces and additional primary and secondary schools.

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1999 Isuzu Trooper

Are you a recently graduated college student who is ready to let go of a hand-me-down car from your pops or gramps? Let our reliable Clayton car wreckers take care of that for you.

Let’s face it. Hand-me-down cars are only good if you technically don’t have the money yet to pay for a car loan as well as all the car maintenance expenses. But if let’s say, you’re starting a career and earning your own money already, it’s but right that you reward yourself with a car that you can truly call “yours”. Advance Car Wreckers is here to help you let go of the old one even if it has some sentimental value to it. Because we are among the leading and trusted car wreckers Clayton has had for two decades, you are assured that you’re entrusting that heirloom of a car to experts in the car industry. Those that won’t let these old vehicles be a threat to our environment. And the best of all, with us, you’ll even get a good amount of cash for your car. So call us now to know more!