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Car Wreckers Frankston

Frankston is an outer suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. And because of its geographic location, it is also called as “the gateway to the Morning Peninsula”. It is a bustling and modern city having a coastline with calm and sandy beaches. Many say that the suburb truly has a good mix of nature and modernity because aside from the fact that it’s blessed with a wide variety of natural elements, it is also noted for its strengths in the healthcare, education, hospitality, and retail sectors. Among the most famous spots here are the Frankston Pier, Beauty Park, Bunarong Park, Bayside Shopping Centre, and Wells Street. The residents of Frankston enjoy efficient railway and roadway transportation systems. Even so, there are still of course quite a number of locals who enjoy using and keeping their own cars. And because the suburb has a 22-km continuous coastline, many car owners have had cars that were damaged by salt and the oceanic climate. Thanks to the Frankston city council’s continuous efforts towards environmental sustainability and car wreckers Frankston companies like Advance Car Wreckers, those damaged, rusted, and wrecked cars are not a problem for the residents.

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1995 Honda Accord

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If you have just realised that your old ride is slowly deteriorating because of the sea weather and salt deposits, make a decision right away and don’t let it contribute to harming Frankston’s natural environment. Take part in sustainable living in your own little way by choosing Advance Car Wreckers now!

We comply with the local government and EPA’s strict standards to make sure that old and scrap vehicles will not just deteriorate in some landfill; instead, each part and component is wrecked, reused, and recycled. So call us now and ask our friendly Frankston car wreckers about our car removal and buying services.