Beware: Don’t Fall for These Auto Yard Scams!

It is a known fact that businesses are put up, first and foremost, to make profit. While some need to take necessary measures in order to lower operational and overhead costs and get their ROI or even just to breakeven, others opt to go ‘other’ way by making profit out of the expense of others. Hence, scams are created; technically in every industry.

Sadly, the auto wrecking and cash for trucks Melbourne industries are not exception. Amongst all the auto recycle yards Melbourne has had for all these decades, we could honestly say that there are car and truck wrecking companies, who let’s just say don’t have the best intentions at heart. That even though car removal and auto recycling is already a profitable business, some still choose to make shady schemes in order to take advantage of their customers and get ahead of their competition.

And we must admit, because of businesses like that, car removalists and Victorian truck wreckers don’t have the best reputation. Thus, if it’s your first time to need a car removal or scrap cars for cash service, then we won’t blame if you if you’re a little anxious or hesitant.

Having said so, being a reputable salvage yard and auto recycling company that’s been trusted by many clients for more than two decades, we’re here to help. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals has come up with a list of scams you should avoid so you’ll easily steer clear of those cash for cars Melbourne companies that are just out to take advantage of you.

Be wary of these scams, too-good-to-be-true deals, and shady moves:

Your car has ZERO value.

Probably the most common and the most obvious scam any auto yard could pull off is when they’ll tell you that your car is worth nothing. Because they’re so good at convincing you that your car is technically ‘trash’, you’ll end up feeling like they will do you such a big favour by taking the vehicle off your hands. As experts in the business, what we’d like to tell you is this: while it’s really a good idea to have a beat-up and rusted vehicle removed for free, know that it still has some value to it. As a matter of fact, even an abandoned car that has been in the woods for so many years has some value to it as scrap metal. So your car obviously has more value than that.

Shady paperwork.

Always remember that when you’re about to sell your car, whether to a private buyer or a car wrecker, you have to sign over your title, cancel your registration and remove the plates. It is essential that you do not just one of those, but all three, to save yourself from dishonest auto junk yards who say that they’re going to take care of all the paperwork but in reality, they really won’t. If you fail to cancel your registration ASAP and you unfortunately have dealt with a shady car wrecker, you could be liable for simply anything that happens to that car even after selling it to them.

No price offer is final.

It’s so easy to get a free quote or estimate from any car removal company. However, there are some companies that make attractive price quotes and estimates to entice you and just rip you off in the end. So make sure that you don’t leave out any detail when having your car’s value estimated. Be totally honest on describing it (you may even send a picture to be more sure) so that when they actually see your vehicle, they won’t be able to say to you that they’d have to deduct this amount from the agreed price because of ‘this and that’. Take note that old and used car buyers are so wise in making you rush to their yards. And then once you arrive, the offer will ‘magically’ change because of some bizarre reason. When this happens, know your rights as the customer and don’t be ashamed to pull the deal off because it wasn’t the price you originally agreed to.

The removal is free but the towing is not.

Surprise surprise! Don’t get too excited when you hear an out-of-this-world high price offer for your car with matching free car removal services. Indeed, it’s too good to be true. The reason why they quoted you for a much higher price than the rest of the other car wreckers is they’ll surprise you with unnecessary expenses. When the company tells you that their car removal services are free of charge, at no circumstance should they make you shoulder any other expense. We’re talking about hook-up fees, travel charge, towing cost, service fee, and the like. Yes, they won’t let you shell out any money, but what they’ll do is subtract it from the price offer you originally come into terms with. Always remember that in transactions like this, everything must be in black and white. Before finalizing the deal, make sure that what they told is what will happen – no more, no less.

Freebies and incentives to excite you.

Smart yet sketchy car wreckers will do anything and everything just to get you to choose them – including offering with coupons, gift certificates, free items, and the like. Know that all these are deliberately offered to confuse you and make you accept an offer that’s actually lower than the others. While it’s really good to receive any type of ‘free stuff’, focus on the most important thing first. It’s very unlikely that the incentives they’ll give you is actually equal or more so higher (in value) than the amount of cash you’re losing when you choose them. So be wiser. Have the upper hand. With freebies or without freebies, don’t let them take your car for a price that’s less than what it’s really worth.

Operating without licenses.

Once you’ve learned that the junk yard you’re about to deal with operates under no license, certification, or whatsoever, simply back away and move on to the next one. We simply don’t need to reiterate this further. But just to remind you, you wouldn’t want to be caught dealing with businesses that are illegal, right? Yes, having a license doesn’t guarantee great service. But operating without one is just purely wrong and dangerous.

The so-called “instant cash’.

Selling your junk car for a lower price is bad. But ending up being not paid at all is the worst. So remember to make them guarantee how you’re gonna get paid. Under no circumstances should you let any wrecker take your car without paying you in full. Plus, you should ask for some protection just in case anything wrong goes with the payment – cash could get delayed, checks would bounce, and online money transfers may experience “technical problems”. Thus, you must do everything to protect yourself as customer.

As a part of the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry, it’s truly sad for us to say that many salvage yards do all these (and more) just to rip off customers like you. And because we really couldn’t prevent them from doing such things, all we can do is help you avoid them. As expert advice, we urge you to do your research before making any move. Because the best way to battle all these is to go with a car removal and auto recycling company that is known for having your best interest at heart. Choose Advance Car Wreckers.