The Benefits of Wrecking Your Unwanted Vehicle

Australia is known to be one of the world’s car-loving nations. It is technically proven by the recent survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. As of January 2017, the number of registered motor vehicles in the country totaled to 18.8 million. And according to Greg Jericho, Aussies continue to splurge on a new car despite factors of low wages. Melbourne, hailed as the Top 1 most liveable cities in the world for 2017, most definitely has contributed to those numbers. From 2016 to 2017, there was a 2.5% increase of new cars sold.

Being in the car wreckers Victoria industry for more than 20 years, we have witnessed all the great changes in the automobile industry. With that, all the more we’ve felt the pressing need for car wrecking services. Just imagine – all the households that own 2 and more cars, most likely 9 out of 10 of them would have an old or wrecked car, right? Most likely, once they purchase new cars, again and again, they’ll prefer to use those over the old ones. What do they do then with the older models and damaged vehicles? If they won’t sell or trade it in, they would probably just end up with either these two: (1) hand it down to the younger generation or (2) just leave it in their garage for some sentimental reason.

As the leading car wreckers in Melbourne, we are here to enlighten you why those two aren’t really smart and advantageous solutions. That if you have the means to continue upgrading and buying cars every 3 years or so, wrecking a car should be an item on your to-do list:

  1. You’d free up a reasonable amount of space in your home.  – simple: once you choose to let your old baby go, you will now be able to use your garage or driveway for a more important reason. Even if you don’t have a new car put there, that space where your old car used to idly sit and rot, can now be used as a workshop, play area, and other reasons.


  1. You’re saving yourself from stress and more expenses.  – it is always costly to maintain and keep an old and (always) damaged car. If you think you’re saving by trying to use it still even with its serious issues, that’s where you’re wrong. Keeping it will only make you spend more on fuel and repairs; not to mention the stress and headaches it bring you.


  1. You’ll let yourself earn a good amount of cash.  – professional car wreckers do not only help you physically, mentally, and emotionally. They also help you out financially. During those times when you unfortunately have the need for immediate cash, wrecking an old and scrap car is always handy. Auto wreckers pay such good cash on-the-spot for any kind of unwanted vehicle.


  1. You’ll help the environment and the auto manufacturing industry.  – yes, auto wreckers benefit from selling the quality recycled metal or steel that they have gotten from your old cars. But the perks don’t stop there. In the same way, the auto manufacturing will get more and more used to doing sustainable practices because there’ll be a lesser need to use natural resources.


  1. You’ll help protect nature and your community.  – just by simply removing that junk vehicle of yours, you are helping your community by saving them from the negative impact of aged and wrecked cars. The soil, water, and the air you’re all breathing is one step fresher after removing even just one old car. Besides, we know that your neighbors will all love it when you finally decide to have that eye sore of a car removed.


  1. You’ll be helping car owners and  other people in need of quality auto parts.  – the very first thing that vehicle removalists and wreckers do is recover all the parts of your car that can be fixed or restored to a like-new condition. Because of that, they would never hesitate to put them those for sale at way lower price tags. Common buyers if auto parts include vintage car collectors, car enthusiasts, DIY-ers, industrial and interior designers, and more.

Owning and using automobiles are indeed beneficial to us. However, if that vehicle you once owned is already unsafe, uneconomical, and unroadworthy, we must be smart and responsible enough to put it in a place where it belongs – where it could be of some help, even for the very last time.

It’s too bad that other people won’t be able to enjoy the perks of hiring car wreckers Melbourne just because of their laziness, stubbornness, or lack of interest to deal with auto wreckers. So don’t be one of them. If you have an old, junk, or unwanted car in your premises, don’t dilly dally. Hire Advanced Car Wreckers now!