Considerations When Selling Your Vehicle to Auto Wreckers

Car wrecking, vehicle removal, or auto recycling is truly beneficial for anyone involved. Apart from the business itself and the (soon-to-be-previous) car owner, there are also others who would gain from it – the community, other car owners, the country’s economy, the automobile manufacturing industry, and even Mother Earth.

As it is indeed an amazing way to make money off of something that’s just been idly sitting and rusting in your garage, there is no doubt that people are more and more open to take advantage of the services of wrecking a car. But because you know that no two companies in the car wreckers Victoria industry are exactly the same, you’d have to take some serious considerations to be able to work with the best car wreckers in Melbourne. Simply going with the first professional car wrecker you’ll come across won’t probably be the best way to get the most profit. Thus, for you to be able to maximise all the benefits you can and will get, consider the following factors when selling your vehicle to car wreckers:


Because of the continuously growing auto wrecking industry in Victoria alone, many car theft cases have also happened through the years. Because of that, several rules and laws were applied to avoid such crimes. When getting rid of  an unwanted vehicle, make sure that it is really yours to sell in the first place. A legitimate car wreckers Melbourne company won’t just risk their name by buying a vehicle that has been stolen. So to make sure that there won’t be a problem during the sale, recover any proof of your ownership (just in case you have misplaced the registration or title).


Yes, auto wreckers accept all cars regardless of its year model. But, if you are really looking forward to earning a bigger amount of (additional) income, you need to consider the vehicle’s age. For example you own two cars and you just to dispose both of them: the first car is a Toyota Corolla ‘90 and the other is a Toyota Corolla Altis ‘05. The ‘90s Corolla, having about 250mi on it, is in running condition but of course not as good the the other. The ‘05 Altis which had run for about a hundred miles has new tires, is in good running condition, and has minimal damage. When you inquired at the nearest car wreckers, you are surprised upon hearing that they’ll pay you $225 for the ‘07 car and $175 for the ‘90. Even if your two cars are way different from each other, the price offers for both of them are only 50 dollars apart. The reason for this is that, auto wrecking companies treat each car the same – regardless of their age and condition. The goal and process won’t be changed as well. The only difference is that, they could probably get more re-saleable used car parts from Altis ‘05 than the other one – which they could only put a minimal markup on. (They sell really cheap and quality used auto parts.) Maybe the reason for that 50-dollar difference.

What we’re saying here is, many people sometimes get too excited about selling their vehicle to car wreckers that they neglect to truly assess the potential value of their car. If you have a car that is in an operable and really good condition even with its age, selling it to a car wrecker won’t be able to provide you with the income (yet).


Most auto wreckers (the well-established and reputable ones) can give you a price offer in an instant; either through phone or online. Because of that, you have to prepare a detailed description of your vehicle before actually contacting them. Make sure you don’t exaggerate or underrate any of your vehicle’s issues. They’ll be asking you a series of questions in order to fully assess your car; so be sure to be clear and honest with them. If you’d commit any mistake or omit any damage, you’ll sadly get the not-so-good price for your vehicle.


Wrecking a car shouldn’t only the be priority of the company you’ll choose. They must also focus on customer service. There are other companies that will charge you for making them travel to your place, so be wary about that. Beware of those who gives you a big price offer but then they’d add lots of hidden charges upon meeting you and seeing your vehicle; so you’ll end up with less income than expected. If your old ride is still somehow in a running condition, your best bet is to take it to them yourself. There are also other car wrecking companies that add special offers/bonuses if they don’t need to travel to get your car.

As for us, Advance Car Wreckers, your convenience and satisfaction are most important to us. So as an advice, just tell us exactly how and when you want your car to be removed. If you need it rushed, on the same day, or at your most convenient schedule, we’ll make it happen with absolutely no extra charge. You’ll get the exact amount you have agreed on, no more no less. We make everything hassle-free for you.