What Do Car Wreckers Do?

If people would simply judge car wreckers by their title, they’d think that they’re just out to smash and destroy vehicles and get scrap metal out of it. While that may be partially true, in essence, their real job is actually the opposite – auto wreckers might be the only ones who care for these unwanted cars.

Should you be one of the people who haven’t gotten a chance to work with car wreckers in Melbourne yet, then chances are, you’d be thinking the same. Being in the car wreckers Victoria market for more than 20 years now, we are here to help you get a good grasp and clearer understanding of what professional car wreckers really do.

To simply define it, car wrecking – also known as vehicle removal and auto salvage, is the practice of taking used, old, damaged, and junk automobiles, stripping them of their valuable parts for recycling and resale. But there is more than auto wrecking than what meets the eye. Besides keeping the roads free from old and scrap cars, here are some of those things that you don’t know car wreckers do:

They protect and conserve the environment.

Little do people know that when vehicles reach the last phase of its useful life, the more it negatively affects our environment. Even if they are just idling in some garage or driveway, it still poses great harm to nature. They contain different kinds of toxic chemicals and substances that might harm the soil, water resources, and more. With the help of car wreckers, these harmful elements are safely disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

They help the automotive manufacturing industry.

Because they recycle all the reusable parts of the vehicles they recover, they are helping car manufacturing companies to participate in sustainable development. That is, instead of using up more natural resources to make new parts and build new cars, they now obtain it from the car wrecking companies. A better way to save money and resources.

They sell quality car parts at affordable prices.

When a car is too old or not working anymore, that doesn’t 100% of its parts and components have no value. Once they take those used, old, and damaged cars, the very first thing they’ll do before wrecking a car is to search for parts that may still be fixed (a bit), refurbished, or tweaked. Those parts, whether it’s from the body, engine, electrical system, or interior, are offered to retail and wholesale buyers – both in super budget-friendly prices.

They help people make extra income by disposing their cars.

Upon hearing it, in a way, it doesn’t make sense, right? But that’s the most amazing part of car removal and wrecking. These professionals will not only help you remove those eyesore, old, and damaged cars, they will also pay you for it. But please be wary of some small and sketchy car removal companies. They might charge you a couple of dollars for removing and transporting your wrecked vehicle.

They help insurance companies and car owners after road accidents.

Some refer to it as “accidental car evacuation”. If a car has been severely damaged due to a collision or other road casualty, some car owners get help directly from auto wreckers instead of towing companies. If upon seeing their vehicle they deemed that it’ll cost them more to repair it, they won’t waste any time and money on renting tow trucks and storage yards that charge hefty daily prices. In the same way, car wreckers also take and buy the vehicles which insurance companies have declared as total loss.

The automobile manufacturing is one of the billion-dollar industries in the whole world. Now with all those cars built and used by all the people through all those the years, just imagine, how would our world look like if not for companies like Advance Car Wreckers Melbourne? We’d technically be buried under heaps and heaps of old and scrap cars.

Now, with this better understanding about what car wreckers really do, there’s absolutely no need for us to hesitate taking advantage of their services. Even if all you have now are new cars, you’ll still have to deal with them sooner or later. For the meantime, you may help us by telling your family and mates who might need the help of professional car wreckers.