Can I Do Car Removal By Myself?

Getting rid of an old vehicle that has been sitting idly in your garage or driveway for ages can be a pain, especially if you don’t have an idea on how to really go about it. But even if it’s such a chore to have it removed and sold, you sort of have no other choice because it just makes absolute sense to finally let go of it once and for all.

But if you really think of it, there are just some car lovers and enthusiasts who would really prefer to pull-off a DIY approach on that ruined and ugly car. Honestly, who would blame them, right? They have loved, adored, and taken care of that vehicle for so long; so it’s just natural that they’d want to be hands-on even for the very last time.

If that sounds just like you, you might probably be asking us right now, “Can I really do car removal all by myself?” As a trusted car wreckers Melbourne company that has been in the business for more than 20 years, we are here to answer that question once and for all.

Our honest take on this? We say that it’s both a YES and a NO. Let us explain further why…

Yes, you can– If you want it the long and hard way.

The DIY approach to removing and wrecking a car can be done in two ways:

  1. It’s like taking your car to the dealership. You have to somehow fix all that you can with your car and clean it so it will technically be a bit presentable. Then, you’d have to drive it down to the auto salvage yard on your responsibility, of course. If you can make this happen, then you’ll most likely get a good deal from the junk car buyer.
  2. You can dismantle and part it out yourself. Not only is this a long and tedious process, but it’s also more stressful because you’d have to find buyers for each of the good car parts you have recovered. After which, you will also have to rent a towing service for all the junk that’s left from dismantling your car.

Owners of old and damaged cars prefer this option because it’s the best way to get the most cash out of their non-functioning vehicles. And we have to say, there are really some people who enjoy these themselves. However, we just have to remind of a few more things should you really choose to the whole process yourself:

  • You need to have the specialised tools and equipment to properly dismantle and remove your old car. Those might probably put a dent on your wallet. So make sure to these into account when determining the prices of the car parts you’re going to sell.
  • If you aren’t too confident because it’s your first time to dismantle a car, you need to have your trusted mechanic or car expert mate to give you some assistance.
  • You need to have the space to do all these. Besides, you’re gonna need a space where you’ll put all the car parts and components you’ll retrieve and sell. Take note, that’s gonna take a bigger space than what your car is currently taking up now.
  • You must somehow be prepared for any mistakes or unfortunate incidents, especially the worst case scenario: hurting yourself.

NO – if you’re not up for the effort and the hassle

You may opt to not do the whole process yourself and just leave it to the professional car removalists and wreckers. Besides, it is the easier one. And not because it is the easy way out, it automatically means that you’re on the losing end.

There could be lots of reasons why choosing not to DIY is perfect for your situation:

  • You may not have all the time in the world and the need to dispose that car is just urgent.
  • You have absolutely no skills nor the knowledge about cars, engines, and all that stuff. Plus, you’ve got no one to help you out. Getting your hands dirty is simply a bad idea.
  • You really need that extra income right away – that you just don’t have the luxury of time to individually sell car parts, no matter how bad you wanted to.
  • You have no extra budget to purchase tools for dismantling or for renting a hauling or towing service.

Should you go with this NO, there’s just one important thing that is left on your plate. You need to choose the most reliable car removal Melbourne company. If not, you’ll probably end up being ripped off by some shady car wreckers. Then, you’ll go home regretting your decision – thinking you should’ve just wrecked and removed the old car yourself.

If you want to know what’s the best option available for you now, get your phone and dial 0455-998-477. The friendly and dependable team at Advance Car Wreckers will gladly tell you more about it.