How to Make Your Tyres Last 10 Years

If humans have shoes, cars have tyres. They carry all our weight. They come into direct contact with the floor, road, or pavement. And they help take us from one place to another. Thus, we could say that they both are some of our most tired body parts and car components.

Now some say that if you are able to make your car tyres last 5 to 6 years, considering that you technically use them everyday, then you are already lucky. Turns out, it could be a myth. According to Woody Rodgers, a tire product information specialist who has been with Tire Rack for 16 years, “…given the proper storage and care, tyres can last you up to a decade.”

In a nutshell, a car tyre’s lifespan directly depends on the car owner – his location, his driving style, and how he takes care of his tyres. So instead of us setting a deadline (like after 6 years) for our tyres, all we need to do is keep them well-maintained all-year round, for as long as we use our cars.

And we are here to help you with that. Our team of expert sell my car Melbourne specialists, auto mechanics, and car wreckers who has been in the car removal Melbourne industry for two long decades, has come up with some helpful tips so we can all get our car tyres to last for a decade.

Give it some TLC even on the road.

We all know that for our cars to last long, we need to give it some extra care and attention. But how many of us are guilty of doing that only when our cars are parked in our driveways or garages? Well what we’re saying is, we also need to be able to take care of our precious rides even if they’re on the move.

Once your car is on the road, the right driving attitude and proper care can extend the life of its tyres greatly. Avoid feeling the need for speed. If you drive your car like you are always in a race or chased by cops, then don’t expect your tyres to last even 5 years. In the same way, avoid doing hard stops. It’s not only dangerous but it’s also a perfect way to wear out your tyres sooner. Always practice a calm, safe, and defensive driving attitude.

Keep your car inside the garage.

Apart from reckless driving behaviors, weather conditions are also enemies of our car tyres. When we keep our cars inside a well-covered car port, we are not only protecting its body paint but it tyres as well. Exposure to harmful UV rays and extreme temperatures shortens their lifespan. We’re not really saying that you have equip your garage with climate control. But if you want them to last for a decade, proper storage is still key. As long as they’re not under the sun, in a low-ozone environment, and in an area with a stable temperature, your tyres are good to go.

Inspect your tyres every month.

Keep an eye out for cracks in the tyres’ sidewalls that might be caused by exposure to sunlight or underinflation. Also monitor and measure each tyre’s tread depth. Also according to Rogers, just looking at your tyres’ tread bars isn’t going to cut it, especially if you live and drive in a place where it often rains and snows. You really have to check each one monthly not only to make them last longer, but also to prevent you from hydroplaning.

Maintain correct air pressure ALWAYS.

We really stressed the word ALWAYS because you have to check your car’s tyre inflation every time you use it. Our tyres naturally lose at least 1 PSI every use and lose or gain 1 PSI whenever there’s a drop or increase in temperature. Because of these constant changes that we never really notice, regular monitoring and adjustment of the tyre inflation is but a must. Besides, monitoring and maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help your car be fuel efficient for a long time as well. And to make your lives a lot easier, invest in those handheld gauges you can buy in any auto parts shop.

Rotate your tyres.

Tyres need to be rotated so that each of them wear evenly. And even wear means longer lifespan. Some say that you need to have your tyres rotated every time you get an oil change. But not really. Again, if you are determined to make them last a decade, you need to be the one to know when they need to be rotated already (from the monthly checks we suggested earlier). Regardless of whether you own a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive car, ideally, you would want to have your car tyres rotated before even noticeable wear appears on them. As an expert tip, with or without signs or wearing, have them rotated AT LEAST every 6 months. You may also want to put a label on each tyre so you could easily take note of their position change.

After all these tips, just know that these wouldn’t still guarantee that you’ll be buying your new set of tyres after 10 years. We are here to simply provide you with fool-proof tips so you could make them last longer than it should. Extending their lifespan to a decade is indeed possible – all you need to do is provide them with a proper, religious, and consistent maintenance. And before you know it, you might not need to ever buy a new set of tyres up until you decide to upgrade or replace your car.

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