How to Sell Your Flooded Car for Cash

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a car owner is when your precious ride unfortunately becomes a victim of Mother Nature’s wrath. Just like accidents and collisions, there is basically no way you can foresee it to prevent it from happening. And worst part is, all that’s left for you to do is to bounce back from its aftermath and deal with a series of painstaking decisions regarding your flooded car.

So if your car has recently been submerged in flood water, there should be at least one question on your mind right now: Can I sell my car for cash even if it’s flood-damaged? As one of the leading Melbourne salvage yards and cash for cars Melbourne companies, we say that the answer to your question is a resounding yes!

Well, we won’t try to mislead you by saying there’s a lot of people who would still want to buy your flooded vehicle. What we do want you to understand is, if you’re honest enough about your car, if you’d be able to do things right, and choose the right decisions, getting a reasonable amount of cash for your flooded car is definitely doable.

Having said that, Advance Car Wreckers – your trusted car removalists and scrap cars for cash Melbourne company, is here to make your burden a little lighter. Selling that vehicle doesn’t have to be a pain. And because our team of car removalists and car wreckers Melbourne has been in the industry for two long decades, we ought to provide you with an easy-to-follow guide so you could be able to sell your flooded car for cash at the soonest possible time.

F – Find out how ‘damaged’ your car really is.

The very first thing you have to do is know exactly what kind of flood-damaged car are you dealing with. How will you be completely honest about your vehicle if you’re not fully aware of all the damages it got from being submerged in flood water? To do this, every nook and cranny of your car interiors, engine bay, and even undercarriage must be scrupulously inspected. If you admit that you really wouldn’t know anything if you take a good look at your car, then take it to your trusted car repair shop or vehicle inspection company. If you do let a pro take a good look at your car, make sure to ask for a written report so you wouldn’t miss a thing (even if you try to jot down notes during the inspection). By knowing the overall damage of your vehicle, you will now have an idea of how much money you need just in case you want to get some parts fixed or replaced before really selling it.

L – Lower your expectations.

The truth of the matter is, this part is where most sellers (owners of flood-damaged cars) have a hard time with. You’ll realise later on how doing this could actually be a challenge, especially if you really have an emotional attachment with your car. After having a good idea of your car’s real current condition, you should already know where you really stand. Manage your expectations. Let’s say you own a well-maintained Mercedes Benz; but that won’t really matter now because your vehicle has been damaged by flood. If you will be able to set a price that’s just right for the type of car you’re selling, then getting cash for it could really happen sooner.

O – Obtain the necessary documentation.

Apart from the detailed list of damages, there are other documents that you might need to hand over to your buyer, whether or not you decide to have it fixed first before selling. Recover all the important documents like the title, registration, insurance papers, and even your driver’s license. If you have a complete file of these documents, selling over your flood-damaged car won’t be much of a hassle.

O – Organise your thoughts and come to a decision.

After you’ve basically prepared everything you need to sell your flooded car, all you have to do now is come to decision. Will you have the car repaired first before selling it? Or will you keep it as is so you won’t have to shell out more money for it? Just know that even if you’ll fix the current damages of that vehicle, because it already has a history of flood damage, it will still sell at a price about 20-30% less than its current market value (as a used car but not flooded). So once you’ve arrived at a decision, stick to it and make sure you won’t change your mind in the middle of the whole process – as it will cost you even more money than you expected.

D – Do consider other options.

In relation to managing your expectations, you also have to let yourself be open to other options just in case your first plan (typically selling it to a private buyer) doesn’t work out. And if you have decided not to fix any of the damages anymore, there are other options like donating it or selling it to car removal Melbourne companies that buy all kinds of scrap cars for cash. Just keep in mind that the crucial part here is choosing which company to choose. As there are numerous salvage yards around, you wouldn’t want to end up working with one that’s just out to take advantage of you.

Now if you really want to get the most reasonable amount of cash by selling a flood-damaged car, there’s no better way to go about it than to choose Advance Car Wreckers. Regardless of how bad it was ruined by flood water, our team is more than willing to take it off your hands at the soonest possible time. So what are you waiting for? Have your car valued by our experts right this very minute – call us up at 0405 063 700.