Preparing to Recycle Your Car

Cars are considered to be the most recycled consumer product in the whole world. And in the two long decades that we have been in the car removal and cash for cars Melbourne industry, we are glad to see more and more people are actually trying their best to participate in this mission to protect the environment from the negative impacts caused by old and scrap cars.

So if you are one of those people who are now willing to let go of an old car that has just been idly sitting in your garage, allow us to give you first a simple THANK YOU! We are sincerely grateful for your desire to contribute to the auto recycling industry.

Now we understand how it’s not easy deciding to finally dispose that vehicle. And there’s at least 1% chance that you’d back out or delay pushing through with it. So before that 1% even grows bigger, as your trusted car removalists, car wreckers Melbourne, and truck wreckers Dandenong, we’ll go right ahead and help you out. Here are some of the things you can immediately do to prepare before you recycle your car:

Remove your license plates.

We know what you’re thinking – why would we ask you to remove your license plates when you won’t be using that car anymore? Well apart from it being a nice remembrance of your precious ride, you can keep that just in case the car wrecking company would encounter some troubles in doing all the paperwork such as cancelling the title of your car. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge.

Just like we always say, being forewarned is being forearmed. As with this case, arm yourself with all the knowledge about the auto recycling and car removal Melbourne companies around. Before you even go and choose one, make sure you have asked or better yet, went there to really see if it’s one that wouldn’t take advantage of you. Know if they’re licensed and if they really comply with EPA standards. See the percentage of clients who are happy with their services. And then get several quotes from the companies you’re eyeing.

Collect all necessary documents.

Basically, almost all car removal and wrecking companies don’t require owners to present titles and registration documents for the reason that they simply understand how these often get misplaced after many years. So for example, if your car was handed down by your dad or grandpa, and the title was never really given to you; don’t worry because you can still have that vehicle recycled. There are companies like Advance Car Wreckers who just require basic documents like your driver’s license; so you could attest that you are its rightful owner.

Yield extra cash from valuable car parts.

Selling and recycling your scrap cars for cash is an indeed an easy way to get extra income. But if you want to make more cash from your car, this step is really helpful. Take out the parts that you think are still in very good condition. Also remove those expensive components that you have invested in like HID lights, digital dashboard, high-tech infotainment system, nice speakers, rims, and more. You can use them for your next ride, or you may easily post these items online and find a buyer for them.

Clean up and gather personal items.

We’re not really saying you have to clean it real hard as if you’re selling it to a private buyer. All we’re saying is, you might want to remove all the junk inside your car so you would easily be able to recover your personal stuff. Because let’s face it – almost all of us tend to make our cars an extension of our homes. We are all guilty of putting some things inside our vehicles and forget that they’re there after quite some time. So make sure to check every nook and cranny. You don’t want to leave IDs, cards, and other items that contain valuable information, and a pain to replace. When you send the car off the recycling yard and you didn’t do this, then say goodbye to those things as you won’t have the chance to get them back.

Let go of all emotional attachments.

Now this step will let you battle that 1% we have mentioned earlier. At this point, you really have to detach yourself from that car and all the memories you have made with it. Simply accept that it is just about time that you send it off to a place where it can be of use even for the very last time. We know that the picture of us wrecking a car, your car, is not easy to handle. But think of it the other way – in a good way. Just think that after having it crushed into little pieces, it’ll do good for the car manufacturing industry, the economy, and Mother Nature.

Enjoy your last moments with your car.

Now that you have really accepted this moment, the very last thing we want you to do is enjoy every moment before the car wreckers arrive or before you take it to the recycling yard. If the vehicle has still got some few miles on it, take this chance to use up all the gasoline left in your car. Take it a good drive around town. But if not, maybe spend some time inside the car or take some pictures with it.

After doing all these, you are now all set to finally recycling your car. You have spent enough time and made enough memories with that old ride. So no regrets. Besides, you are both moving on to better days. Your old car is to fulfill a better purpose on earth, and you are going to make new memories with your next car. So whatever model your car maybe, trust us to pay top cash for them. We are known as the leading Isuzu wreckers Melbourne who buys all types of cars and trucks. Call Advance Car Wreckers at 0405 036 700 now!