What is a Resonator and Do I Need One?

Let’s face it. Not all car owners know each and every part or component of the vehicle they use, drive, and enjoy. Well, it’s not really a bad thing. Besides, there are really just people who simply can’t take too much mechanical terms and automotive jargon.

But do you know that apart from the parts that make up your car when it came fresh from the dealership, there are more auto parts and components that we can buy in the market to improve our vehicles? Well, one of those is a resonator. Some cars and trucks today have them, and some don’t.

Is it your first time to hear that? Or if you do know about resonators, are you sure that you what you do know about is accurate? Well don’t worry, we’re here to clear everything out for you. Advance Car Wreckers Melbourne has been in the car removal and recycling industry for more than two decades, and our team of expert car and truck wreckers Melbourne, auto mechanics, and car removalists will help you have a better understanding about resonators. And hopefully, as you finish reading this article, you’d be able to gauge whether you really need that for your vehicle or not.

It’s not a muffler.

A resonator is a part of a vehicle’s exhaust system. But even so, we are telling you upfront that it’s not the same as a muffler. Though most people will say they are because they look the same, again, they are not. To simply put it, mufflers are meant to envelop overall volume of the exhaust system noise across all RPMs while resonators are there to eliminate all unwanted noise at a particular RPM. While both function for exhaust sound reduction, they are two different car parts.

A closer look on resonators…

In your car’s exhaust system, a resonator is placed before the muffler and after the catalytic converter. It basically works like an echo chamber. It preps all the loud noise coming from your engine, makes it a more bearable noise for the muffler to silence it. Yes, the muffler and the resonator works together. But some car owners choose to use one of the two only. If you use a resonator without a muffler though, the sound of the exhaust will be very loud.

The resonator doesn’t only remove the sound, it also changes it. It eliminates the raspy and ping-y noise you hear from your exhaust. And when your muffler causes a drone, the resonator is the perfect add-on to eliminate that annoying drone.

Do you need it or not?

Some car owners are very particular with the way their cars sound. And some auto enthusiasts believe that the more noise their car makes, the more efficient and powerful it is. So our take on it is this. If you are one who is fond of doing upgrades and modifications on your ride to make it faster and let it perform better, you might want your ride to have a muffler and a resonator. Auto engineers say that when you tweak a car engine’s power and efficiency, tendency is you’ll really get a louder sound. Now if you want your car to have a nice exhaust note without compromising the improvements in engine power, then getting a resonator to work with your muffler is certainly the way to go. Want your ride to sound a little like Vin Diesel’s ride in The Fast and The Furious? Then make these improvements to your exhaust system.

All thanks to the modern resonators we have now, as we can all definitely say goodbye to those annoying higher tones that our fast and powerful cars make!

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